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Heart rate statistics....(2 posts)

Heart rate statistics....John-d
Jan 24, 2002 3:21 AM
Just to amuse myself yesterday I took all the heart rate against age postings and produced a graph.

The results were quite interesting in that if you project a mean straight trend line through the results you get a suprisingly good result. The graph spanned age 16 thro' to mid 60s.

Conclusions reached are, that as we get older the max rate drops despite our best efforts. Most of us are quite close to the trend line, especially the older posters, that is from 50 upwards. The 220 minus age rule of thumb stands up well. Biggest variations posted are in the 25 to 40 age group. It seems to give a good guide for training. It would have been better if the resting rate was given as well to show what happens at the lower end.

I would have posted the graph but I don't know how to paste a Microsoft Excel graph onto this site. Any ideas anyone?

On the otherhand I may have just invented the wheel.

Keep it pumping.

re: Heart rate statistics....hooligan
Jan 24, 2002 6:27 AM
It's no secret that max HR declines with age - that's why even the most basic formulas include the individual's age.

I don't know what inference you can make as regards training with this data. For those people that use their max heart rate to calculate their training zones it would seem then that any of these old formulas still ring true (in the context of using max hr anyway).

As you probably already know, one of the reasons LT is so much better as a basis for setting your HR training zones is that your LT will change over the course of your training cycle as you progress through the season. Your max HR is not trainable - it is what it is. LT on the other hand is trainable. If one does periodic testing throughout the season (as they should) one's training zones will change accordingly.

Otherwise, kudos to you for the effort.