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Sunglasses for Prescription Eyeglass Wearers(21 posts)

Sunglasses for Prescription Eyeglass WearersDaniel
Jan 23, 2002 11:44 AM
Suggestions would be appreciated.
I have been wearing Prescription sunglasses for years. The problem is, there is no side protection from dust etc. What is the way to go for my next pair. Are the inserts good? Any brand recommendations?

Jan 23, 2002 11:54 AM
I've used inserts for years. They are a little annoying, but that applies to eyewear in general. They are also way, way overpriced. I have Bolle glasses, I forget the name. The only advice I can give is get plastic lenses when you fill the prescription.

You can also get Oakley's ground to your prescription. That is also outrageously expensive, $300 if I remember correctly from research.
Jan 23, 2002 1:17 PM
I used Bolle Edge II's with the insert for 6 seasons. They're better than regular glasses, clear or tinted, but that's about it. Any double lenses system is a compromise in clarity, light transmission, distortion, reflection and refraction. Anyone who's had inserts will have a story about the bug in between the insert lense and the shield lense. Same goes for sweat or water drops. IMHO, inserts are not the solution. The aforementioned Oakely's are nice but pricey and it you're worse than a -3, you're SOL. They won't grind them higher or lower than +-3.

You can certainly find specialty mail order shops who have the frames and the expertise to grind your 'scrip into lenses which provide more coverage. It's not easy and there are not a lot of grinders who can do this work well.

I have a couple of frames, one clear lensed and the other one polarised lensed, made by a UK grinder called optilabs. For long term eyeglass wearers who are worse than -3, these are incredible. Wrap around protection, little distortion with a grind that covers your field of vision. Also, they're a reasonable value as both pairs cost less than one pair of Oakley implants. I've recommended them before here and elsewhere but if you're unsure, look for somebody in-country with similar services. You can also get them in bi-focals and variofocals if you're getting on.

BolleRichard Weed
Jan 23, 2002 1:42 PM
I have the Parole model and it has a removable tab for inserts. I have a narrow face so they fit me well. The larger size frame is Vigilante. The adaptor with lenses is $80 (Nashbar) The Bolles with 4 lense is available through @ around $90, most places want $110.
re: Sunglasses for Prescription Eyeglass Wearersmarkkar
Jan 23, 2002 12:03 PM
I have been using the Bolle Vigilante with the Rx insert for the last year and have been quite happy with them. They provide wrap around coverage which you can't get with a conventional Rx sunglasses, no watering eyes on screaming downhills. I got the set with the four interchangeable lenses for different conditions but mainly use the smoke and clear. Check BikeNashbar and Performance for special closeouts on these glasses.
re: Sunglasses for Prescription Eyeglass WearersFrankl
Jan 23, 2002 12:29 PM
i just got the same thing!
where should i go for the Rx lens though?
walmart is $69 for poly lens.
costco is $49 for poly lens but they won't do Rx insert? (i don't know why?)
where else? how much?

re: Sunglasses for Prescription Eyeglass WearersFrankl
Jan 23, 2002 12:32 PM
me again
oh also, do you know what all the colored lenses are for? what kind of riding condition i mean.
That's funnyB2
Jan 23, 2002 9:07 PM
Costco did my Bolle insert no problem.

I don't particularly like the system though. The insert thickness pushes the frame out away from your face and makes it feel like it's sitting on the end of your nose.

There's got to be a better system!

That's funnyFrankl
Jan 24, 2002 12:21 PM
let go back to costco and ask again.
but i got a free 3-day pass to sam's club, i might try it first.

yeah, there is a better system. it's called OAKLEY ... *only* $300 and lens is not interchangeable when you got the Rx ... haha.
i will get one of those, maybe after i won my 2nd lotto. haha~ oh wait, when can i win my first lotto? haha =)
re: Sunglasses for Prescription Eyeglass WearersJimP
Jan 23, 2002 12:31 PM
I used a pair of Bolle glasses with the inserts for a couple of years. They were very annoying. The insert places the shield too far away from the eyes. Also, after a couple of years, Bolle doesn't offer any replacement parts. The brow pad would disintegrate after a year and I bought 2 of them after the first year - thus I had 3 years of use.
Last year, I had my optometrist get a pair of Oakley Frog frames and place my bifocal perscription into them. He was able to make these with polarized, mirrored lenses. This is a much better solution than I have ever had.
I use LL Bean glasses, made by Smith. Smith marketsbill
Jan 23, 2002 1:06 PM
them under the name "Moab," and I have seen them in various catalogues. They use a little insert, and they work great. They look fine; no fashion statement, but reasonable glasses all around.
I thought that they were pretty reasonably priced until. The frames and outer lenses were $50, and the insert was $50. I knwe that making up the prescription for the insert was going to cost something, so I trundled down to a local optician or optometrist or whatever the hell they are, and they said, sure, we can make these up. For $132 fricking dollars.
No mistake. That's what it cost. I saw in a catalogue somewhere that they vendor will make them up for something like $50. For that money ($150 total) it's a great deal.
re: Sunglasses for Prescription Eyeglass WearersJimmyJ
Jan 23, 2002 1:23 PM
I can give an enthusiastic endorsement to Sved Optics inserts, The lense are mounted (glued) to the frame. I had a pair of Smith Sliders 01, which I loved, and wanted to continue to change the primary lenses out. I was a bike messenger and so needed a good pair of glasses that had dark lenses, clear lenses for night, and intermedate lenses for crappy weather (orange for darker days as they give lots of contrast, and yellow for brighter but overcast days). Though the mounting seemed rather fragile, I've been careful with them and wore them 40 hours a week for a year, with countless lens changes and cleanings, and they are still in excellent condition two and a half years later (I'm just a commuter now).

It was a little disconcerting to mail off my pricey sunglasses to a company I had little information on, other than a blurb in Bicycling and Sved's website, but the turnaround was very quick and it's a quality product. Considering the cost of prescription lenses alone the prices aren't so bad -- I went with the polycarbonate lenses at $134; plastic are $109, and bifocals another $35 if need be.

I do get more fogging with four lenses, but it's not a problem if you keep moving, and even then it's considerably alleviated with regular use of anti-fog shtuff. I wasn't interested in shield type glasses because, and I intend no offense to anyone, they are pretty ugly. The Smiths I can wear off the bike and not look goofy. I hit the pavement at twenty mph once, destroying my helmet and getting a pretty good concussion -- but my Smiths stayed on. Good stuff.
Have you considered contact lenses?hms
Jan 23, 2002 1:38 PM
I have a fairly strong prescription. Inserts did not work for me. I had tried contacts years ago with little success. However, contact lens technology has improved. About two years ago I got two-week disposable lenses and they work very well with regular sunglasses.
Second that...KEN2
Jan 23, 2002 1:52 PM
I switched to contacts a few years ago, and now am using the latest "multifocus" variety 1 month disposables (like bifocal glasses but without the line... the multifocus is in concentric circles on the lenses). Way superior to glasses plus you can wear just about any sunglasses you want. There are also new technologies for the severely astigmatic. If you haven't checked them out recently, disposable soft contacts are great for sports activities.
Jan 23, 2002 1:47 PM
$95 Airquest Rx.
My experience with Bolle and Ray BanElefantino
Jan 23, 2002 2:03 PM
I have had a pair of Bolle Vigilantes (bigger than the Paroles) for several years, with multiple lenses and the Rx insert. They are fine glasses.

However, this past summer I got a pair of Ray Ban Daddy-Os (hey, I don't pick the names) and they are fantastic. Wrap-around, minimalist, cool-looking, all in all a great pair of specs. I don't wear them for early-morning, night or foggy rides (the Bolles, with their yellow and clear lenses get that duty), but on normal days, even cloudy ones, they're awesome.

Plus, I got them at PearleVision, where they have a guarantee that if you break or even lose them, you get a free pair for $25. I broke my pair in my July accident, then lost them in the recent mishap. Got new ones both times.

Rudy Project Kerosene - with insertsPdxMark
Jan 23, 2002 2:46 PM
Nice glasses - fit well - clear, smoke and rose lenses for varied conditions....

Fit is a subtle thing between brands - Rudy Project were not the cheapest, but fit me better than other brands. The wrap-around works great to keep dust and debris out of your eyes. (I wonder if flat glasses create eddies at the edges of glasses that pull in stuff). Here's a link for one place, but there are many others, too.
LASIC, the ultimate solution.Chen2
Jan 23, 2002 3:11 PM
I've worn glasses, hard contacts, and soft contacts. Since I've had lasic surgery two years ago, I can see 20/20, better than with glasses or contacts, and I can wear any sunglasses I choose. It may seem expensive but it's guaranteed for life, weigh that against the cost of glasses or contacts for the rest of your life.
Flap and zapMel Erickson
Jan 23, 2002 3:11 PM
It's the only comprehensive solution. Obviously the procedure has it's own risks but the outcome can be very good. Even with 99%? rate of satisfaction no one wants to be the 1%.

The problem with inserts has been well documented by previous posters. Clarity, comfort etc. They work but there are issues.

The problem with grinding a perscription to fit in a frame is you lose the flexibility that interchangeable lenses give you and the cost.

Not everyone can tolerate contacts (me included) but they have a good safety record.

Let's face it. God made us imperfect and we have to grin and bear it. Life's a bitch and then you die!
re: Sunglasses for Prescription Eyeglass WearersWoof the dog
Jan 23, 2002 3:43 PM
get contacts, serious!!!!!!

Woof, the blind dog.
Jan 23, 2002 4:53 PM
I have some X metal Oakley Juliets with Rx lenses. I totally love them. I can drive and ride with them and still look like a player. X-metal frames are heavy but not to heavy for me. Hella expensive but I had an inside connection at a sunglass hut so they cost me less than $100.