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Help selecting a road bike(4 posts)

Help selecting a road bikeRickcau
Jan 22, 2002 7:30 PM
My inseam is 77cm so my calculations would recommend a 51cm frame.

Anyway, I race Mountain Bikes and I am looking to speed about 2000-2500 on a road bike. I currently race a Seven, but I don't have the budget for Seven Road bike. Anyway, I would like some advice from some forks that put more time on the road than I.

Should I consider Steel, Al or can I get into a custom for this price range at a decent weight.

dont go custom unless you have a freak bodyishmael
Jan 22, 2002 9:11 PM
you can fiddle with a stock frame enough custom isnt necessary unless you have strange proportions...thats my feeling on it...and even if you have a freak body, which i kind of do, you can most often find a stock frame with geometry more suited to your body....i ride what would be concidered a 51 cm frame and my inseam is 81cm...after now going through many frames ive found fit is more important than brand or material..and fit is best determined by top tube and headtube far as materials ive found that steel is overrated- heavy and i never want a fork made of it again...trek carbon- good deal but more suited to a long torso because of the long top tube (too long for me)...and the new aluminum frame- lighter than carbon, not rough at all, i dont know how it got that reputation, and aluminum typically has a longer headtube suited to long legged people..if i were you, and i had a normally proportioned body id get one of the giant bikes, give em a look, theyre nice and cheap too
re: Help selecting a road bikegtx
Jan 22, 2002 9:23 PM
Figure you'll spend roughly half on the frame/fork. The steel and ti frames in your price range will weigh about the same, and you can save up to a pound by going with carbon or AL. In your price range you'll be able to find custom in steel or AL. Many of the builders you are familiar with from mtbing also have nice road offerings. Lots of options. If you can build the bike yourself, or are willing to go mail order, you'll have more options. Basically it comes down to personal preference and fashion--you won't go wrong foir $2500 as long as the bike fits properly. I'd continue to study up on the fit issue, go test ride some bikes at the LBS and see what you think, then come back here with more questions.
re: Help selecting a road biketempeteKerouak
Jan 23, 2002 7:59 AM
Do you want to race on the road or simply add some training road miles to you MTB routine?

ALU: Check out the deals on the Schwinn Fastback's...
...Compare with Giant TCR, Klein and Cannondale.

Carbon: you can score a K2 with carbon stays, but full carbon is still expensive.

Steel: good stuff, Bianchi, Lemond... Mmmmm!

But,If you want to race: honest; test ride three 1800$ bikes, get the best frame even if with Shimano 105 or Campi Veloce, THEN, get some wicked wheels. For 700$ the LBS you get the bike from will be happy to get you the best wheel set for the task, and you are still within budget.

2500$ is enough for any TdF winner, the rest is personnal taste and wallet thickness.