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Rattling 105 lever endcap? how to fix?(4 posts)

Rattling 105 lever endcap? how to fix?morraine
Jan 22, 2002 1:25 PM
The plastic cap on the 'end' of my 105 levers (right above the top of the metal lever itself) has worked its way loose. i can see a nut underneath, but cant figure out how to get it tight again. any tips out there? thanks.
re: Rattling 105 lever endcap? how to fix?johan
Jan 22, 2002 1:40 PM
I have this 105 shimano on my bike since 1998 and i am very satisfied with this product. However after one year the levers began to rattle. To get foolish if you start listening to it. After several tries with silicone, glue I finally managed to get the rattle out of the lever by simply wrapping an isolating tape underneath the cap. Then click the cap back on the lever.This lasts for already more than one year in complete silence!
I had that problem with Ultegra levers...Zignzag
Jan 22, 2002 2:04 PM
Check out
re: Rattling 105 lever endcap? how to fix?Elefantino
Jan 22, 2002 2:20 PM
The caps are held together by tabs on the top and bottom. Sometimes the tabs get worn and rattle. Other times you can actually break one off (the bottom one) and the lever will rattle. (It will also pop off if you brake giong over a bump!)

Hot glue worked for me. However, I'd also ask your LBS if they have any old ones lying around. Ultegra tabs fit on 105 levers, and they confuse the heck out of people who snoop around to see what kind of components you have! (I know. I tell people I have a Shimano hybrid, very rare.)