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2 bikes or one(9 posts)

2 bikes or onetreetop
Jan 21, 2002 4:51 AM
I am taking the step from Mountain biking to Road racing. Should I buy 2 good bikes at about £2000 or one super bike at around £4000. I have my old training bike for really rough days, but do feel I might be safer with two decent bikes.
re: 2 bikes or oneMJ
Jan 21, 2002 5:27 AM
are you serious?

before you go on any spending sprees make sure you're gonna enjoy the sport - get a decent starter bike and figure out what you want through your own experience

why have two road bikes if you're not racing - get a cross bike as a second bike...
re: 2 bikes or onetreetop
Jan 21, 2002 7:38 AM
I have raced Mtb's for 5years now and have also done a few road races for the shop I used to race for on a borrowed bike. So knowing if I will enjoy the sport is not an issue I love bike racing full stop. When Mtb racing I have always relied on have 2 race worthy bikes one that I train on and one to race, nothing exotic but good and functional bikes. If anything happen to my race bike (which when mountain biking it often does)I knew I had a back up for the next weekend.
re: 2 bikes or oneMJ
Jan 21, 2002 7:56 AM
yeah if you're 'committed' and will be racing - two bikes might be the way forward

that way you can start with one and step up if you need

an extra set of wheels/race wheels is also a thought for another intermediate step

I think the more you road ride the more refined your knowledge about what works for you - if it was my (enviable) problem I'd get into things incrementally
1 bike, 2 sets of wheelsgtx
Jan 21, 2002 9:46 AM
but no need to spend all your money on the one bike. You may decide later you want a second bike, and by then you'll know more about what you want in terms of fit, ride quality, etc.
re: 2 bikes or oneJohn-d
Jan 21, 2002 6:17 AM
This is not what you should do but what I would do.

First test ride a £4,000 bike and then the £2,000 version and see what the difference is. I suspect not that much, but if I thought the difference was worth it I would buy the best bike I can afford. The trainer I would use for winter riding and for bad weather training in the summer. I would only ride the best bike in good weather and race days, you can't help race days but take them as they come and pay attention to the after race clean.

I do not think I need a spare bike but a compromise with a bike between £2,000 and £4,000 with spare wheels might be a good idea.

One thing is certain, once you have read all our opinions you will be totaly confused instead of uncertain. The final decision is yours and many will be envious, me for one.

Best of luck

re: 2 bikes or oneTrekMan
Jan 21, 2002 6:52 AM
That £4000 wouldn't by any chance be strling? That's about $5700! That's a lot of cash to drop one bike imho! As the guy in my lbs told me when I got my bike last year "never buy a bike you can't afford to replace".
Me, I'd go for one decent bike, put the rest of the cash in the bank, and spend it later on extra bits!

But hey, best of luck with what ever you buy!
re: 2 bikes or onehikerryank
Jan 21, 2002 5:57 PM
I agree with MJ. I too am a recent convert from MTBing. When I was trying bikes out over the summer, I couldn't tell the difference from one to the other. The only things I really noticed were that I could accelerate like a bat out of Hades and there was nothing to absorb bumps (in other words my butt hurt after the first ride). I went and bought a starter bike ($1300 Fuji team in Colorado Cyclist) to learn what I was doing and see if I really liked the road. Figure in a year or two I'll go back and buy something with a little drool factor once I really know for what is for me. No regrets about the choice to not spend much. Besides, if you buy a $5000 bike now, what are you going to drool over in the biking mags?
re: 2 bikes or onemackgoo
Jan 21, 2002 9:27 PM
Heck pull the stops and get one wild ride. In a couple years buy another if you need it.