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Question about photo gallery(3 posts)

Question about photo galleryJuniorRacerFL
Jan 21, 2002 4:34 AM
Hello, im try to post my bike in the photo gallery but the image is 257 kb and it says it exceeds the maximium which is 200 Kb. My question is how do you get it to go down to that size. Im not sure why its that big and why everyone elses works. Ok thanks,

image editor...AUH
Jan 21, 2002 8:29 AM
Use an image editor to resize the picture and/or increase the jpeg compression. An image editor should have come with the scanner or digital camera you used. If you don't have one download a free one such as IrfanView. It won't take much more compression or much of a shrink to loose the 57kb. If you resize be sure to change both dimensions by the same ratio.

If you can't figure it out, you can email me the image and I'll fix it and send it back. Only if it's a nice bike though.
Jan 21, 2002 8:40 AM an awesome editor, and as AUH says, it's free. You can download it free at
Once you have it installed, open your graphic, select "Image" from the IrfanView menu, then either change the dimensions like AUH says, or choose "Change DPI."