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What tubular is the best value?(6 posts)

What tubular is the best value?milsk88888888888
Jan 20, 2002 9:11 PM
Conti Sprintersspookyload
Jan 20, 2002 10:52 PM
Not quite their high end competition 19's, but much better than the Tuffo's I am sure someone else will mention. Tuffo's are great as long as you want a tire with lumps.
re: What tubular is the best value?JimP
Jan 21, 2002 11:20 AM
I second the Conti Sprinter recommendation. I have used Conti Comps and Sprinters, various Vittorias, and Tufos. I had 3 Tufos fail at the valve stem last year - enough about them. The Vittorias were good - the Crono on the front and Corsa for the rear - the problem was the tread would separate from the casing after a while. The Formula and Rally just didn't feel quite right. The Conti Comp GP is good on the front but I don't think I want to pay that price for a rear since they do wear a lot faster than the front. The Sprinter seems to be a compromise for the rear but is light enough and seems to last.
Tufo, and here's why:rusty McNasty
Jan 21, 2002 4:32 PM
For any situation (Specials for longevity, Lites for weight, etc.) they are at least $10 cheaper (sometimes more) than the competition, and they are always PERFECTLY ROUND! Even Sprinters aren't! For $55 a tire, you'd think they should be!
I've never had a single problem with a stem on any of them (there is a special tool to keep the valve screwed in, if that's the problem), and the sealant they sell actually works, too! I haven't played 'seamstress' for more than 10,000 miles since I've switched! Only destroyed on Tufo in that time, too, but the sharp piece of metal that killed it would've flatted a semi, so there!
Tufo, and here's why:Woof the dog
Jan 21, 2002 4:45 PM
i thought you could get sprinters for 30 bucks at labicicleta if I remember correctly. So much for a 55 dollar price you mentioned, buddy boy.

careful with the latexspookyload
Jan 21, 2002 5:14 PM
It is a one way treatment. Once you put it in, don't try deflating your tires for a while, or you will get a valve of latex that has to be pried out. Also if the latex settles in one spot, you get a nice lump. Great stuff if you keep that in mind though.