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Tools for brake adjustment(7 posts)

Tools for brake adjustmentGinz
Jan 20, 2002 8:29 PM
What tools do I need to properly adjust a set of caliper brakes? 3rd Hand, 4th Hand, Cable stretchers, etc.. I'm willing to spend some money on the right tools... and I'm partial to Park Tool. Any advice?

Although I'm a big believer in getting the right tool, I didn'tbill
Jan 20, 2002 8:55 PM
find either the third hand or the fourth hand tools from park to be terribly useful. The third hand was counter-productive, if you ask me. I thought that the fourth hand (the cable stretcher one) was of some use, but neither changed my life. And you definitely don't need both.
Although I'm a big believer in getting the right tool, I didn'twalter
Jan 21, 2002 6:15 AM
I agree that the 4th hand tool is a luxury, I do feel that the 3rd hand tool is worth the 10-12$ they charge for it. I use a cheap wire one and it's been around 15+ years that Park one should make it forever.

Much easier to put on the 3rd hand than any of the alternatives I've seen, e.g. wrapped up innertubes, visegrips, carpenter's clamps, wife's hand, etc. At least IMO.
Jan 21, 2002 6:18 AM
The best thing to get is a GOOD cable cutter. You want a sharp chiselled cut. Housing is getting harder and harder to cut. For that I started using a cutoff wheel on a Dremel tool and am happy. Wear eye protection b/c a few sparks will fly.
I have found that the 3rd hand Park tool would slip, bothbill
Jan 21, 2002 7:24 AM
off of the calipers and against itself (so that it wasn't really holding anything in place). Whatever I did with it, it slipped, and I ended up just grabbing the calipers, holding them where I wanted them, and then using the 4th hand tool to tighten the cable, which I did think was pretty cool.
In all my years of wrenching my own bikesMel Erickson
Jan 21, 2002 6:51 AM
I've never found a need for a special tool for setting up or adjusting brakes. A good cable/housing cutter is a wise investment but even there I've found a pair of linemans wire cutters and a grinding wheel is acceptable. I'd rather spend my money on gloves, tires, jerseys, etc.
Only Onegrzy
Jan 21, 2002 8:57 AM
All you need is a 5 mm Allen wrench - everything else is unnecessary. I prefer a T-handle tool for this job, but almost anything will work. If you really are struggling and want some aid use a large rubber band to hold the calipers against the rim. In time you won't need them.