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campy ten speed chain..are they as troublesome as they claim(6 posts)

campy ten speed chain..are they as troublesome as they claimishmael
Jan 20, 2002 5:46 PM
the little booklet that comes with the chain says to not break the chain at the permalink but at the opposite end of the chain and intall a new permalink there when also says never to have more than two that means that you should never break the chain more than once since the first permalink is installed when first putting on the imporant is this...i remember there were other methods told of on this site but i dont remember what they were...the booklet also says never to use solvents for cleaning the chain, ive already used gasoline, does this matter..also the booklet says the original set-up of the chain should leave 10 to 15 mm of room between the chain above and below the lower cog when in the small chainring and smallest if the chain were too long to achieve this set-up should you use the camp tool to remove links or will any chain tool do...
Jan 20, 2002 6:07 PM
The 'Campy diehards' will hammer me, but I've used my 20yo chain tool on the Campy 10 chain, the same as any other chain and I've not experienced any problems in 2 yrs. (& I also soak mine in gasoline for cleaning)
boy, you got a niiiice smile.....CT1
Jan 20, 2002 7:08 PM
Assembling the C10 chain with a "regular" chain tool is quite easy. I've done it on countless C10 setups. :-) IMHO, using a PL is a disaster waiting to happen. Using a "quick link" is an alternative I haven't tried and doubt that I will.

Hmmm..... you should use something a bit less volatile to clean the chain. Gas' is very dangerous..... been there done that. Paint thinner works good and has a VERY low flash point. How about moonshine... ;)

In fact, if you use Prolink you won't ever have to take your chain off. I've gotten >6K miles (with 1/16" stretch) from a C10 chain using this stuff. Chain stays purty clean also..... ;)

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whats a quick linkishmael
Jan 20, 2002 7:22 PM
ive read of the permalink, never the gas ok as long as you dont blow yourself up or get too high to put it back together again
sorry, wrong name for the SRAM type link.CT1
Jan 20, 2002 8:29 PM
There's also a new Connex chain out with a snap-together type link. I wouldn't be surprised if Campy switched to one of these links sometime in the future. ???

I just think it's so easy to put the chain together the "old fasioned way" that why bother with a special link.

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re: campy ten speed chain..are they as troublesome as they claimmackgoo
Jan 20, 2002 11:05 PM
Dump the perma link and get a Fosters link and never look back.