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Noise from Dirve Train ...HELP(7 posts)

Noise from Dirve Train ...HELPPet
Jan 20, 2002 4:49 PM
Hi, Since changing from WAX base Lube to Prolink (Suppose to be oil base), noise start appearing on the 4th cogs of the cassette; not too sure is the Rear-D + Cassette + chain or ? I did a through degrease and clean prior to the change of lube and the parts are petty new 200km-(Ultegra). ANy advise would be appreciated, thanks.
Prolink is great, here is your answer.Woof the dog
Jan 20, 2002 6:02 PM
Check if your pulley is centered over the cog(s). IF your bike shifts perfect in all gear combinations except for crosschaining ones of course, then you are fine. See, prolink is a great wet lube, basically meaning that it does not cover the whole chain to prevent the metal to metal contact that is responsible for the sound. Many people are afraid of that metallic dzzzzzzingly sound. They think it is the sound of their chain with no lube wearing out superfast, so they go and put a whole lot more ProLink on making it a mess and not achieving the desired effect. The sound you are hearing is from a metal to metal contact, not friction, of the chain roller simply contacting the cog. The bending of the chain where the main friction occurs and where you need all the lubricant happens inside between the roller and the pin. Sheldon Brown has some great pictures of really worn pins on his website, go to and search for chain, click on the first link and read the article. Prolink permiates well inside each of these bushings and stays there longer while wax seems to wear out faster. There is also less crap on the outside of the chain, that is why its better to soak the chain in prolink (put lots on), let it dry up, the longer the better, wipe it a bit and you are all set.

I have spent many hours figuring out where do all these clicks come from when the chain is on certain cogs. All loud clicks happen when an outside edge of the chain pin hooks on one of the crooked teeth of the adjacent cog and then the pressure snaps the chain off and back into place. These crooked teeth were designed for better shifting and the sound doesn't influence the longevity of your chain or cassette in any way. All other sounds are the rollers lying down onto the cog, maybe an occasional harmless contact with the adjacent cog. This metallic sound is the sound of a healthy drivetrain. As long as you know you lubed your chain and there is some small visible amount of lube on the roller, you are all set. Check your shifting and if it is working well, don't pay attention to the sounds. As a matter of fact, start enjoying them. You can get those 4 cogs stealthy, but your shifting will stop working right.

Pet me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woof, the chained dog.

P.S. Ok, I admit, I typed it all up to convert people to ProLink...its good stuff, too bad many don't know it.
re: Noise from Dirve TrainChen2
Jan 20, 2002 6:52 PM
When I switched from White Lightning to ProLink I got that buzzing noise, but it wasn't any particular cog, it was all cogs on three different road bikes with D-A, Ultegra, and Shimano 600 chains. As an experiment I switched back to WL and immediately most of the noise went away. But I didn't like the wax build-up and after trying several lubes a bike shop owner recommended Boeshield T-9. Now that's all I use, except for WL on the Speedplay cleats. I like the T-9 in the small dropper bottle, the spray is too messy. Personally I think ProLink is a bit too thin and doesn't cushion the metal enough. But it does clean the gunk out from behind the plates.
re: Noise from Dirve TrainWoof the dog
Jan 20, 2002 7:04 PM
How many chains have you gone through using t9 and how fast did they stretch?


Woof, the beaming HIGH ENERGY dog
re: Chain LifeChen2
Jan 21, 2002 6:53 AM
The D/A chain is on its 5th year with ~7000 miles, no significant stretch (not enough that I can measure), it's been on T-9 for only the last two years. Same for the Ultegra chain but only ~4000 miles. The Shimano 600 chain is on my commuter bike and was bought used. It's about 24 years old and is like new, shows no stretch, but I don't think it has many miles on it. I have not replaced a chain in 5 years, but I ride only on pavement, weigh 165# and I'm just not hard on equipment, race a few local time trials, nothing very serious. I really like T-9, but like all lubes it does collect some dirt. I wipe my chains down after every ride or two.
re: Noise from Dirve Train ...HELPmorey
Jan 22, 2002 5:06 AM
I waxed my chain - no noise! Tried ProLink - Noise, irritating and loud. went back to wax - no noise. I got the point!!!!
re: Noise from Dirve Train ...HELPWoof the dog
Jan 22, 2002 12:02 PM
jeez, just read what I wrote.