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Calling All Wrenches ---- Dura Ace B.B. Question (Noooooo!!)(5 posts)

Calling All Wrenches ---- Dura Ace B.B. Question (Noooooo!!)AUH
Jan 20, 2002 11:34 AM
My first time working on one of these. Worked with headsets and other types of BBs enough that I felt comfortable giving it a try.

The main question is in bold below. Skip to that part first if you like.

The Story: riding rollers last night, disturbing grinding sort of noise audible from BB (factory installed, not by me) and transmitting up to the seat. Stopped immediately, messed with cranks, yes probably in BB. Removed cranks, nothing evidently loose with BB, no spindle play, cups/lockrings not loose. Removed BB and disassembled on my desk under bright "surgery" lights as per Parktool web site and Lennard Zinn instructions. Worked cautiously and prudently as this is my first time with this particular part.

No pits or other evidence of bad stuff on cups, spindle or bearings. Packed with new grease, reassembled bearings in cups and temporarily stuck spindle in to make sure it fit in and turned smoothly before putting everything back in the frame. A-OK.

Put in the fixed cup with threads well greased (no I didn't cross-thread or anything) and tightened it pretty tight but not ridiculously so (just following Zinn's book). Went to stick spindle in (yes, the correct end) but it didn't want to go. Find that spindle only goes in when the fixed cup isn't tightened into the shell. (??!!) Have to fully insert spindle, before tightening fixed cup fully, and this somehow completely locks the spindle in on the right side. I was carefull to put everything back together correctly but I find this unexpected and unsettling. Or maybe it's supposed to do that. At any rate, spindle still turns quite smoothly in the fixed cup, it just won't budge left to right.

Inserted protective sleeve into place, and installed left cup carefully. At this point my understanding of the goal is that you find the balance between too tight (the spindle binds) and too loose(play in the spindle). Well, the way the fixed cup seems to lock down the spindle meant that there was never any play no matter where the left cup. I turned the cup by hand to the point that it just seemed to bind a bit, then backed it off until smooth and judiciously tightened down the lockring.

Spindle turned fairly smoothly by hand and still with no play, so the cranks went back on. Still smooth, no play, and no funny noises when pressure is applied. Haven't had a chance to ride it yet ... maybe it will all fall apart under the pressure of real cranking.

What do you think about the spindle-locking issue and my whole prodedure in general?? Any big mistakes here? Any votes that I eat the extra grams and get an Ultegra? I'm sure there'll be some comments that my problem is that I'm using Shimano instead of Campy.
re: Calling All Wrenches ---- Dura Ace B.B. Question (Noooooo!!)gtx
Jan 20, 2002 12:36 PM
might try searching the archives--I've seen lengthy descriptions on this in the past. Personally, I think the Ultegra-style bbs are a no-brainer and plenty light. Good luck!
welcome to the wonderful world of the Dura Ace BB...Geof
Jan 20, 2002 12:37 PM
Get used to this procedure if your going to keep your BB. You'll be doing it often. The Dura Ace BB is a touchy item that requires an unusual amount of maintenance and care. It sounds as though you did everything correctly, but I'm not sure why the fixed cup was doing this. Mine never did. To answer your "suck up the few grams" question, I think you'll find an overwhelming majority (to include myself) saying get the Ultegra. Install, forget, ride. No worries. I don't miss my Dura Ace BB at all.
re: Calling All Wrenches ---- Dura Ace B.B. Question (Noooooo!!)merckx56
Jan 20, 2002 12:44 PM
if you have a frame with an english bb shell, get a dura-ace track bb. it's sealed and bulletproof. if you have italian, just get the ultegra and ride it. i have an ultegra bb in my merckx with full d/a and it works perfectly. the regular d/a bb isn't worth the time, money, or trouble!
I had the bearings fly out, but easy to assemblePaul
Jan 22, 2002 4:54 AM
There is a little clip that holds the bearing assembly in place that popped loose when I took out the BB. Bearings flew everywhere Put it all together by using gease to hold the bearings in place. I've never had a problem with my Dura Ace BB. PUt it's tricky compared to the old style.

Plastic sleeves are all in place when inserting the BB, don't have to put them on seperately, I think this is part of your problem. The sleeve has to come against the washer that fits up against the contoured part of the BB. It holds the whole assembly in place. Only thing that you do is put the removable cup on, then the lock rings.

I put the fix cup (actually, both are removable) on first, then just snug it up (don't have to tighten up hard). The cup will hit up against the spindle where there is a contour( there's a washer that seats up against this part of the spindl to prevent the plastic sleeve from going to far up on the spindle. If you overtighten either cup, it will bind. Next, I put the the lock ring in place loosely just to hold the spindle in place.

Then, slide the removable cup (right side), over the spindle, and tighten to the point where it binds. Remember, this is pushing up against the washer which will prevent the spindle from turning, then back off about 3/4 turn. should be able to turn the spindle by hand. Even though it doesn't feel smooth, when you put the cranks on it will be.

The lock rings just hold the assembly in place, and prevents the cups from moving. Piece of cake once you understand the
silly engineering part of it. Overall, I think it's a poor design. Shimano claims a sealed assembly, which is a joke, all it has is a plastic piece that is held in place ober the bearings by the threaded dust cup.