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it snowed - now how do i get my long ride in?(5 posts)

it snowed - now how do i get my long ride in?Gall
Jan 20, 2002 9:45 AM
hello again...

i am doing the base training thing. i do my long rides on sunday. there isnt no way i am riding my training for 3-4 hrs. you all have any other ideas on how i could get a good work out in?

how about running?


Break the trainer up into two sessionsspookyload
Jan 20, 2002 10:42 AM
Do 1.5 hours in the morning, then another hour that night. Other choices would include getting a mountain bike and ride it in the snow. If you have one already, put some fenders on it and go.
re: it snowed - now how do i get my long ride in?Woof the dog
Jan 20, 2002 2:52 PM
If its not a lot of snow and you don't mind dirt/water/salt on your bike (which is really not all that bad once you clean it up) just ride outside. Even better, get a training bike.

You could also go out for 1.5 hours, come back, warm up, put on new dry clothes, go out again for another hour or two. Besides, where did you hear you gotta ride 3-4 hours for a long ride? 2 hours on rollers is bearable (for me at least) and counts for more hours on the road because there are no hills on rollers. I don't see any benefit of breaking up a long ride onto many short ones cause it becomes just that - many short rides.


Woof, your typical professional honey-producing cycling dog.
your BONG ride? I love bong rides (nm)Deggo
Jan 21, 2002 3:21 PM
get your hiking boots outcyclopathic
Jan 22, 2002 7:24 AM
pack 20lbs backpack and go for long hilly walk in near by park
Running may be too intence (unless you can run really slow!)