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New bike decision(8 posts)

New bike decisionvol245
Jan 19, 2002 6:19 PM
I currently own a 92 or 93 Trek 2100 that came with a mixture of Shimano 105 and RX100 components. The rear derailleur was a 105, but wore out and has been replace with a 600. It is a 14-speed bike with down tube shifters. I am a recreational rider and typically ride it anywhere from 10 to 40 miles. I have been more into mountain biking the past few years, but want to do more road riding, such as 50+ mile rides.

I have thought about upgrading my bike, but believe it would be too costly. I do not want to spend more than about $1500 on a road bike. I don't feel I need a $2500 bike since I don't race. I have done some research and like the Cervélo Prodigy. I went to a local dealer and they didn't have any in stock, but did have a Colnago Classic with a mixture of Campy Veloce and Mirage components for $1200. They told me it normally sells for around $1500. There is only one left and it is in my size. The derailleurs are Mirage, the brake lever; shifters and Cranks are Veloce. I don't remember which one the brakes are, but I think they are Mirage. It has a Colnago stem, which is way too big for me, and a Colnago headset.

I do like the way the Campy shifters look and work. The button is great and there isn't as much cable clutter as with Shimano. I realize that $1200 is not much for a road bike and would like to know if I am going down in quality if I do this. Mirage and Veloce are low-grade Campy components. The bike also weighs about 23.5 pounds, but steel frames will be heavier. The frame on my current bike is a composite main triangle with aluminum stays and fork. I think my Trek weighs around 23 lbs.

I do like things to work properly. If I hit the shifter I expect the bike to shift. If it isn't going to work as it should then it will drive me nuts.

My bike cost me $700 back in '93 and it listed for $850.

The Prodigy is around $1700 and comes with Shimano Ultegra, but they have to special order this bike. $1700 is a lot more than $1200 too.

Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide.
re: New bike decisionRene
Jan 19, 2002 7:00 PM
I tested the Cervelo Prodigy and it is such a sweet bike for the price. The dealer didn't have my size in stock. But again, if given the chance, I would go for the Cervelo.
Hope my 2 cents helped.
This is not what you asked, but I would be a little leery aboutbill
Jan 19, 2002 7:12 PM
there being one left on the shelf that just "happens" to be your size. There are a lot of sizes in the world, and that's a nice coincidence that you and this size just happen to match up. Just a thought, at the risk of sounding patronizing.
Around here, everyone is running sales. Even if it's not marked, you probably could get deals on stuff if you talk to the right person. I wouldn't feel too much wedded to this one shop and this one bike.
I realize that I have not addressed your question at all, because I don't know anything in particular about these particular bikes. I only would add that I have heard from people I consider knowledgeable that the lowest level Campy of any real distinction is Daytona, which is supposed to be very very good bang for the buck.
I don't know what constrains your budget, but I can't think of anything more worth spending a couple of hundred extra bucks on than a machine that you are going to trust to take you hundreds and then thousands of miles. Spending twice as much doesn't get you twice the bike, of course, but there usually is a "sweet spot" of value. Research the reviews, get a feel for what's out there, go to a couple of different shops, and then go with your gut.
re: New bike decisionxxl
Jan 20, 2002 3:13 AM
At the risk of be disingenuous, what is the problem with your Trek? The 2100 is a pretty good bike. If you want a new ride, go for it, but ask yourself what it is you do/don't like about your current ride, and get the bike that will change that. Simple, yes? I might just add that, IMHO, going from a 105/RX/23lb. bike to a Mirage/Veloce/23.5lb. bike isn't a huge upgrade, and you did mention cost was a consideration. Unless there are things you really don't like about your Trek, why not consider spending, say, $300-500, on some really choice new wheels? It won't be a new bike, I know, but it will ride like one.

I kind of lean towards that other person's opinion; I too would be wary of a LBS that just happened to have your size, unless you're hip to their reputation. Also, if you do plunge for the Colnago, any decent LBS should change out the stem (as well as crank arms, etc.) for you as part of its overall fitting process. Good luck on whatever route you go.
re: New bike decisionvol245
Jan 20, 2002 7:41 AM
I thought about upgrading my wheels, but all the rear wheels I can find are made for 8/9 speed cassettes. If I have to upgrade my 7 speed to a 9 speed it starts getting expensive and I may as well get a new bike.

I also would like the STI or Ergo shifting because when I am standing while going up a hill and need to change gears, I need to sit for a second to do it with the down tube shifters.

Th bike shop would fit me to the bike so the stem is not an issue. I'm not comfortable with the lower end Campy gear though. They told me it was Veloce over ther phone and when I got there it was Veloce and Mirage. I think the guy I was talking to just looked at the brake lever and it said Veloce. This really is the only Colnago they have. I bet it has been sitting there for a while and they want to get rid of it to make space for something that will sell.

I am going to check out other shops today.
I don't want to sound like a broken record, but...Elefantino
Jan 20, 2002 8:21 AM
I'd really seriously consider looking at a good, late-model used or NOS bike. eBay (caveat emptor) is full of them. For example, there is a Schwinn Fastback Pro currently being sold with a bid price of (!!!!) $810, with full Ultegra and Velomax Circuit Comp wheels, which weighs 17 pounds. Generally, you can snag a good used or NOS full Ultegra for about $1K.

There are those, including many friends and foils on this board, who will attempt to dissuade you from buying blind. And, generally, I used to be among them. But when I bought my most recent bike (a one-season racer, immaculate shape, for $1K) on eBay, I became a convert. It requires a bit of research, and you may (loud gasp from the audience) have to go to the LBS and try out a bike you're looking at in an auction, but after all — it's your money.

Spending $1,200 for another tank (23 pounds), with low-grade components (OK, maybe lowER grade) doesn't seem to make fiscal sense to me.

But aside from that, congratulations. You are engaging in a wonderful thrill — buying a new bike. And whatever you decide, if you are goosebump-thrilled with your purchase, then it is the right decision.

Good luck!

elafantino's got it right.....naff geezer
Jan 20, 2002 9:00 AM
look far and wide and ask lots of questions.
online is still a good source and it is the best time of year as not many people are hunting for a ride. but ebay is one of many options. make sure you feel good about a bike before you agree as there is a lot out there.

post a wanted add on google groups - you will be amazed at how many offers you will get - and bargain with them.

used is still the best option if price is your concern.

your lbs can actually help as lots of buyers for their new bikes also need to sell their 'older' bikes to raise the cash. most lbs do not trade but if prompted they can put you in touch with one of their prospective customers - after all its in their interest. cant hurt to ask.

also, i doubt whether the lower end colnago's are worth the effort. it is a cheap bike because it is a cheap bike!
$1200 for shiftersCrankist
Jan 20, 2002 2:48 PM
Ok, I oversimplified. But, for the most part it's true, unless the Classic fits your perfectly.
I suggest adding to your cash until you can get a bike you like so much that you don't feel a need to
second-guess yourself or request opinions. IMO the point of diminishing returns is about $1700-$2000.
Not expensive if you factor it's longevity - and you don't want to have to do this again next year.