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Charity Rides(6 posts)

Charity RidesMe Dot Org
Jan 19, 2002 11:37 AM
Last year I did the California Aids ride (San Francisco to Los Angeles). It was a wonderful experience.

As some of you may know, Palotta Teamworks (the for-profit organizaion that put on the rides) and charities that benefit from the ride (San Francisco Aids Foundation and the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center) have had a major falling out.

The Charities have decided to put on their own ride (LifeCycle) 2 weeks before the Palotta event, which now benefits Aids Project Los Angeles. Palotta is suing the Life Cycle Event - it is all a tragic mess.

Anyway, this year I'm not going to get involved in either Aids Ride. (Any riders who do - please understand - I don't begrudge your efforts in the face of all that has happened. I wish you the best of luck.)

I'm wondering what experiences others have had for charity Centuries and Multi-day rides in California, Nevada and Oregon. Any feedback is appreciated.
in general, hate 'embn
Jan 19, 2002 11:52 AM
I hate soliciting $ from friends, family, co-workers. Even if you want to just pay the amount and ride, it's not worth it. And the rewards are usually nothing you would ever want. On the ride itself, you end up dodging hundreds on "disease" bikes and the sketchiness can be dangerous, especially when less experienced riders try to jump on a paceline.
re: Charity RidesCliff Oates
Jan 19, 2002 12:05 PM
You might check out the Top Hat Classic or the 2 day Waves to Wine put on by the Multiple Sclerosis folks. The 75 mile Top Hat route is quite hilly and is a fairly challenging ride. I have some pictures and scanned copies of the route maps on my web site. I haven't done the Waves to Wine as I have a little friend who has to go to a kennel if I'm gone overnight.
re: Charity RidesMe Dot Org
Jan 20, 2002 6:54 PM
I did the Santa Rosa Waves to Wine this year (My first back-to-back centuries). Beautiful rides - a little warm on Sunday, but great country. I'll probably do it again this year.
OATBRAN is really good.MB1
Jan 19, 2002 3:54 PM
One Awesome Tour Bike Ride Across Nevada. Not really a charity ride. About the nicest ride I have ever done. The route is mostly just ok but the size of the group and the remoteness of the route encourages comradery among the riders.

I don't care to do charity rides in general, I'm not about to hit up everyone I know for donations so I can do a bike ride. Plus I don't like large groups-I don't feel safe.

However Charity rides have introduced a lot of riders to long distance and multi day riding. Gotta like that....
OATBRAN is really good.Pygme
Jan 20, 2002 6:56 AM
I did the ultimate charity ride last June/July.

My self, and 24 other police officers rode from Houston to LA and then from LA to New York.

We did it in a 24 hour a day non-stop relay. Non stop day and night. We rode on major interstates with a Houston Police Department escort vehicle behind us as well as smaller secondary roads.

Speeds were fantastic! The combination of the patrol car pushing you with a "wall of wind" and 18 wheelers zipping by at 80 miles an hour created a perpetual tailwind.

I had some great legs including one in Colorado. I started at 2:00 am in Leadville, Co. Rode through the night over the Independance Pass, over the Wilkerson Summit pass, and then into Colorado Springs Co.

The highway leading down into Co Springs was freshly laid asphalt and unchecked speeds easlily exceeded 45+ mph.

We went through 20 sates. We even had a stop in Moab and rented MTB's.

What a blast!