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Trainers(2 posts)

Jan 19, 2002 10:21 AM
I am looking to replace my old Nashbar C force trainer. I have heard great things about the Kurtkinetics Road, but am wondering at almost twice the price of the Perfomance TravelTrac HF500 (when on sale) if it is worth the extra cash.
re: TrainersDan Plummer
Jan 19, 2002 12:47 PM
Don't waste the extra money. Take it from me, I ride my trainer probably more than anyone I have meet other than the guy that got me hooked on it. Why, I don't really know, but over the years, I have really become to enjoy it. (Sick, I know) Anyhow, I have the performances best trainer and that thing holds up great. For what your going to use if for, all you need to do is shift gears on the bike and the resistance will change. You don't need anything that has different levels, because you will never get up to the highest level, and after all, most people use an indoor trainer for off season fitness, not the full on workout. Any other questions, you can email me directly at