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Litespeed Classic vs. Vortex(13 posts)

Litespeed Classic vs. Vortexti newbie
Jan 18, 2002 5:28 PM
Finally have funds to replace my 14 yr old steel bike. Like titanium for low maintenance durability and ride. Can get a good deal on either the 2001 LS Classic or Vortex. Price difference about $500. I don't race, but want a very efficient, fast and comfortable ride. Recently returned a ti bike from another (less expensive) manufacturer delivered with improper frame alignment. Does anyone have experience with both or any other helpful comments. Have also considered Manhattan Project but am wary of carbon rear triangle. thanks
Let me respond before everyone assumesLazierider
Jan 18, 2002 9:49 PM
I am posting under your name. You have to realize that any time someone says LITESPEED, they accuse you of flaming, baiting or whatever because everyone has a bug up their a$$ about Litespeed.
Anyway, I have had the Classic for several years and it is an awesome bike. The Vortex for $500 more is a good deal and I would go for that. It will give you almost the same comfort and be a little more aggressive. I may get one myself soon, but it is hard to justify when the Classic rides so damn well.
The 2001 don't have the integrated headsets that many people complain about and I think the traditional headsets are better, although the new Vortex head tube looks awesome.
Anticipate responses from DogSH%^, Mickey-Macdouche and GTFUXXX. I make no apologies for being such a prick as these idiots adore me and wait, search and yearn for my acknowledgement. Whatever you do, don't post your bike in the photo gallery if you don't want DOGSH$# to tell you it is an unimagiantive, dull gray bike with no soul. If it isn't some gaudy frame with chrome and paint, it is not worthy.
Mick-macdouchebag is probably doing a grammatical/text analysis right at this moment to see if you and me are the same writer. Once he is done washing his hands 50 times before bed, he'll be up all night dissecting this post and searching on my name to see how many indents I have used 6 months ago in my posts.
Please don't be afraid of my ranting here, but I couldn't resist as these retards are too predictable. So, I say hello to my fans, DogSH$# and my favorite, Mickey-macdirtysmellydouchebag. I also predict some fairy will report this post and have it pulled, but I hope the gestapo get a chance to read it before they do.
Stay Stoked DUUUUUUUUUDDDDEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hey lazy... dont worry about themnaff geezer
Jan 18, 2002 10:22 PM
in real life im sure they are like cockroaches when a light is switched on - scurrying to disappear.

your views are valued and appreciated and your concern is for another cyclist and their enjoyment.

whilst i have never ridden a litespeed i appreciate the way they look. id much rather their "dull" grey than what a lot of other big names are offering in the way of paint schemes. besides why add weight to what is already very attractive.

and if you are ever wanting to part with your 'speed classic take it for a cycling holiday in europe and then sell it before returning as im sure it will be to a more appreciative audience.

im glad you enjoy your ride.

and for you fools who think im kissing ass i traded "down" from a colnago to a no-name italian and am very happy for it.
I did not think it was you Lazy.Dog Breath
Jan 18, 2002 10:30 PM
I figured it was BigLeadoutGuy. But hey, what do I know anyway.

Stay choked!
Jan 18, 2002 11:10 PM
Could it be that he posted the original question to answer it himself???? OF COURSE!!!!!!
This is a Lazyrider imposter.Sintesi at home
Jan 19, 2002 3:40 AM
he has to spell his handle Lazierider not Lazyrider because he doesn't have the password. It's obvious. So please nothing to see here, just some crank trying to stir up a little trouble. Please go about your merry ways.
re: Litespeed Classic vs. Vortexfuzzybunnies
Jan 18, 2002 10:20 PM
I'd say go with the classic if you're not gonna race, if you decide to enter any local races for the hell of it a classic will suit the purpose fine. The vortex is lighter and faster but you can put the extra 500 into an awsome wheelset and have an all day comfort bike. Enjoy your purchase whatever you choose. Russ
Save even more than $500.Dog Breath
Jan 18, 2002 10:37 PM
Go to and get a Macalu. It is Ti made by Litespeed, but without the stupid pricetag that persons such as LazyRider, Mike Edwards, Roadie77, Slothlike (and all the other Classic riders) have come to regret paying.
Save even more than $500.nothatgullible
Jan 19, 2002 2:35 PM
The Macalu doesn't have the stupid pricetag of the Litespeed or the stupid Lifetime Warranty....wait a second, that is a good thing. Macalu warranty is 5 years, Litespeed is Lifetime. So you are paying for a good product and peace of mind.
re: Litespeed Classic vs. VortexTig
Jan 19, 2002 3:42 PM
If you ride a 59 or larger, consider the Vortex. If you ride a smaller frame below a 54, go for the Classic. I'd love to ride a Classic myself.
re: Litespeed Classic vs. Vortexskiahh
Jan 19, 2002 7:47 PM
Out of curiosity, why do you say a 59 or larger, Vortex and smaller -Classic? And also, what about the sizes between 54 and 59?

Not trying to bait or start a flame war, just really want to know. Thanks.
re: Litespeed Classic vs. Vortexsprockets
Jan 19, 2002 7:29 PM
I checked out the Vortex and Classic last year and opted for the Classic. This was partially economics and partially because I wanted that type of frame style and performance.

I rode and have ridden other expensive steel and Ti bikes and I do not regret my purchase or lust for another bike. The Classic has wonderful performance-better than my old steel steed. Surprising stiffness under power, great ride and handling, stability, and quick steering-no not like a crit bike, but better than most traditional frame designs, for some reason. I have been delighted with the bike.

The Vortex asks a bit more of you, the Classic is a tad more comfy and stable. Ride em. Either is awesome. If you can get them with a painted frame, do it. The Ti is rather souless.
my experiencegrassy knoll
Jan 20, 2002 11:26 AM
I bought an '01 classic last spring. the frame was a 59cm and It was very comfortable but a little too flexly for me.(6'1", 175lbs) The rear triangle was out of alignment and i ended up returning the frame and going with custom steel. quality issues aside the classic would be a great bike for centuries and all day rides.