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1st time rollers user(5 posts)

1st time rollers userYuengling In keg
Jan 18, 2002 11:24 AM
i just bought a set of rollers from a friend. any tips for starting off using them? is it possible/logical to ride my mountain bike on them? i have a road bike, which i assume is the best idea. any tips, etc. are greatly appreciated. thanks, JW
re: 1st time rollers userLone Gunman
Jan 18, 2002 11:44 AM
Check the archives of this site. There has been plenty of newbe instruction. Things that you would never think of! Rug burns from tires, crashes, body temperature control, etc. Most people choose a road bike for the rollers, alot of 1st timers start out in a doorway to catch their balance when they lose it, I wear tennis shoes so I do not worry about clipping out should I lose my balance. It has been said that wheel speed helps to keep the rider upright due to gyroscopic effect, lots of info in archives!!
re: 1st time rollers userwayde
Jan 18, 2002 11:59 AM
I would definitely start out between doorway. This way you can support yourself with the door frames on either side and sure you can ride your mt bike but would you if you have a road bike ? Just ride with road tyres, it is less bumpy yet the ole nobbys can offer a challenge for balance. Leg speed is important at first but not a necessity. I have ridden on my rollers 39/23 at a very slow cadence and have never fallen off. It is much better to ride rollers than a stationary for you really have to focus as not to see the carpet cheek side, than riding brain dead on a stationary. Have fun and watch your spin improve !!
re: 1st time rollers userroy Zipris
Jan 18, 2002 5:43 PM
My suggestion? Stay away from the Yuengling until after your work-out. Porter? Lord Chesterfield? Black & Tan? What's you preference?
MTB on rollersAndy M-S
Jan 19, 2002 10:22 AM
If you want to ride your mountain bike on rollers, you'll need to modify a few things.

First--if possible, adjust your rollers so that the front wheel sits centered over the front roller. If you can do that, proceed--otherwise, you're likely to have trouble.

Assuming you can adjust your rollers to firt the MTB properly, you should then put slick tires on the MTB and inflate them to their max recommended pressure. Knobbies just won't work well with rollers--you should be able to pick up some cheap slicks from Nashbar.

If you can do these two things, then you should be able to ride your MTB on rollers with no problems.