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Bike Trailer vs Child Carrier(7 posts)

Bike Trailer vs Child Carriersawmill555
Jan 18, 2002 9:11 AM
Any opinions regarding the advantages / disadvantages of a bike trailer compared to a child carrier? I'm leaning towards a bike trailer.

Also, any recommendations (pro or con) for a specific trailer model?
re: Bike Trailer vs Child CarrierMJ
Jan 18, 2002 9:20 AM
if you fall the bike trailer stays upright whereas the child carrier smacks the ground - the trailer makes you more of a bigger/highvisibility object flag et al

Burley is the best trailer on the market
Go For The TrailerGreg Taylor
Jan 18, 2002 10:07 AM
Ditto the safety angle -- safer for the kid AND parent. Putting a kid on the back of your bike makes it handle very oddly.

The trailer, however, isn't invulnerable to the occasional mishap. If you do go for the trailer, make sure that the little dickins' is all strapped in and with a helmet, no matter how much they may caterwaul or raise a fuss. I once flipped our Burley trailer over on its side with my son strapped in -- the frame worked like a NASCAR roll cage (please, no Dale Earnhardt comments) and my kid was hanging upside down from his belts, grinning like a loon. He wanted to do it again...

Other benefits of the Burley -- they haul groceries and beer like a champ, and can be used to carry camping gear on a bike trip....

Oh, buy the Burley Deelight. Once the kids are grown bigger, you can sell it for a fair percentage of what you paid for it.
re: Bike Trailer vs Child CarrierTig
Jan 18, 2002 10:24 AM
A child seat has two problems in my experience. First is the limited "lifespan". Once your child reaches a higher weight, it becomes more difficult to control the bike due to the extra weight that is so far back. Before long, the seat can't be used safely. This is where the second problem comes in: a high center of gravity. Once the lil' one isn't so little, you have their weight fairly high as well as back. Once you are off the bike, this high CG is magnified.

I've only put a seat on the MTB, and noticed handling problems as my boy reached 3 years old. Just getting on and off while loaded would make the bike almost wheelie.

MJ is right about a carrier smacking the ground. Add the height of the fall and even a 0 MPH fall could hurt the lil' one seriously. A trailer provides a decent workout even on a slow family ride.
definitely the trailersalmonwheel
Jan 18, 2002 11:37 AM
Still make junior wear a helmet though. I also flipped ours over once, bad cornering by dad. I dropped my bike to flip it fight side up and check on my son, he was unphased and said "poor daddy your bike fell ". Besides trailers are great for hauling stuff also. I coach youth sports with my older kid. We ride our bikes to practices and I carry all the gear inthe trailer.
Another vote for the trailer...biknben
Jan 18, 2002 12:17 PM
I can't add anything more to the trailer vs. carrier debate that hasn't already been said. Trailer is the way to go.

If you only plan to carry one child I would recommend the Burley Solo. Unless you have twins or children close in age, the other trailers may be more than you need. It measures 25" wide versus 32" for the others. It still has plenty of room for one child and toys, plus room for a backpack or other supplies behind the seat.

Burleys IMO are the top of the line trailers. They may cost you more but they have more features and a more solid design than cheaper brands.
Thanks for the inputssawmill555
Jan 22, 2002 10:12 AM
Just bought a Schwinn trailer/jogger combo.

Thanks for the inputs...