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Ok Wheelbuilders...Whaddaya Think Of This(8 posts)

Ok Wheelbuilders...Whaddaya Think Of ThisGreg Taylor
Jan 18, 2002 6:35 AM
I'm thinking of putting together a "decent" set of wheels for the upcoming season. By "decent" I mean something lighter than my current set of everyday wheels (Mavic CXP 14 aero section rims, Shimano 105 hubs), not outrageously cutting edge but built from good quality parts.

Being a Cheap B*stard, I've been perusing the "Closeout" deals, and have found some good deals on Ultegra hubsets and Velocity Aerohead Rims (good stuff, and a STEAL at under $20 at Nashbar).

Anyway, the rub is that the rims only come drilled for 28 spokes. My hesitation is that I normally run about 190 lbs. or so (6'0"), tend to push a big gear, and stay in the saddle for most climbs. Common wisdom would be that I should use 32's out back. I intend to use this new set for training, which includes fast, hilly group rides. Think rolling hills and the occasional sprint.

The interesting thing is that my normal wheelset uses 24 spokes front and rear (14-15 double butted, laced 2 cross) and have worked nicely for years. I've attributed this to the strength in the wide section rim (kinda like the Rolf/Bontrager/Shimano wheels). The Aerohead's are supposed to be strong...but don't have as deep a section as my current Mavics.

Whaddaya think? Go for it? Am I too fat to use a 28 hole rim out back? Any build suggestions?
re: Ok Wheelbuilders...Whaddaya Think Of ThisPatM
Jan 18, 2002 7:01 AM
Not sure I understand, do you currently ride on 24 spokes with a 2 cross ?
Velocity Aeroheads came on my bike, both 32 hole 3x, I am bigger than you and I have to say they have held up really well. I did just built up a some mavic open pros 28 front 32 rear - which I am going to use for fast training - not sure how they are going to hold up.
If I am not mistaken you have experience building wheels, what is YOUR gut reaction ?
I think the rims will be strong enough - 3x in the back maybe ? 2x up front ?
I am used to using a 3x is 3x stronger or weaker than 2x ?
Yes, my current set....Greg Taylor
Jan 18, 2002 7:22 AM
of wheels are built with 24 hole rims, laced 2 cross, using 14/15/14 butted spokes. The thing that may make this wheelset a bit of an abberation is that the rim has a deep cross-section that adds to the overall strength of the wheel. It is my understanding that this - a deep, strong rim - is part of the secret behind those mass-produced wheels with low spoke count, like Rolf, etc.

I do have experience building wheels -- probably enough to get me into trouble thinking that I know more that I do -- and my gut is that I can get away with running a 28 hole Velocity in back, built 3x with 14/15/14 spokes.
i think you're on the limitslow-ron
Jan 18, 2002 7:28 AM
I saw those deals at Nashbar and passed them up. I'm 5lbs heavier than you and I had all kinds of trouble with a 28 spoke cross three wheel a few years ago. I had to true the wheel after almost every ride.

On the flip side, those aeroheads are supposed to be strong rims and I ride on really rough hilly roads. If you build your own wheels you don't have that much to lose with a $20 rim & spokes.

I was looking at the Sun M19 tubular rims for $17. I hate the glue and carrying a spare tire but with a good tire that would be a comfy ride, no?
Margin of error....Len J
Jan 18, 2002 7:52 AM
is the key variable for me. There are some things that I don't want to be too close to the cutting edge on. But then I'm not a racer either. Wheels fall into that catagory for me. The penalty for a failure, especially in a descent, is too severe. If it were me, I would err on the side of conservatism. A good set of Open Pros, 32 spoke, 14/15 DB laced to ultega, would be bombproof. They might cost you more up-front but, what's peace of mind worth?

As to you using 24 spoke wheels currently, I would bet they are high tension spokes laced to stronger rims, not really a good comparison IMO.

Just my .02.


P.S. Maybe you can make these wheels for someone you ride with who weighs <150 lbs, sell them to him for the price of a good set of OP's & win both ways.
don't do the rear 28tcr01
Jan 18, 2002 8:48 AM
a 28h 3x aerohead wheel will go out approx. a 1/2 inch if a spoke breaks. You may also experience run out problems and constantly be fighting to keep the rim true. That rim is strong, but I think you may be sorry if you build that rear with 28h. A 28h Velocity Deep V would be great rear b/c it is a stronger rim.

Also, based on your weight, I would advise against it.
Be safe, go 3X drive side, 2X non-drive orPaul
Jan 18, 2002 10:27 AM
Buy a set of Ksyriums from totalcycling. Have big friends who have them with no problems. Fast, light, and cool!
Zipp 101rtolle
Jan 18, 2002 1:48 PM
I had a pair of Zipp 101 rims with Ultegra Hubs. I'm about 190 lbs and it is a great combination. They are extremely light and great climbing wheels. They are not as aerodynamic as others but all in all I love them.