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So how do tubulars actually feel in corners?(12 posts)

So how do tubulars actually feel in corners?Woof the dog
Jan 16, 2002 11:25 PM
can't wait to get that wheel done. Also, what tubular should I get?

Thanx a bunch.

woof the tubdog.
re: So how do tubulars actually feel in corners?JimP
Jan 17, 2002 7:02 AM
Boy are you opening a can of worms with this question. I ride tubulars and feel???? That is as subjective as how does a clincher feel in a corner - it depends on which tire you use. I like the feel of Continentals - Sprinter on the rear and Comp GP on the front. I have ridden on Vittoria Corsas and they were allright too. The cheaper Vittorias and Contis didn't feel as quick and secure. I rode Tufos last season and they were very fast but didn't feel as secure in the corners. Also, the Tufos failed at the valvestem before the tread wore out.
re: Corner feelSteveS
Jan 17, 2002 3:17 PM
It has been a long time since I tested tubulars and I have no idea what tires were on the wheels, high end I am sure, but I can tell you that my (then) Trek 2500 felt 30% better in handling. The percentile may be an exaggeration but I was stunned by the tubulars superiority to my clinchers. Very obvious.

In all my time of riding, only 3 or so "improvements" have really impressed me: clipless pedals (Look,in this case), dual pivot brakes, STI (but only when climbing while standing) and the tubular tires. The various other developments have been nice, but I didn't feel the conspicuous difference that I felt when first using the above. Good luck.
re: So how do tubulars actually feel in corners?morey
Jan 17, 2002 7:17 AM
I like Conti Sprinters. Tufos are nice, fast, but they do not grip as well as Conti's.
Tough questions.dzrider
Jan 17, 2002 7:45 AM
I've not had good luck with Contis and will go back to Wolber when I wear out all the old tires I have hangin around.

As for feel, the best I can do is this analogy. Tubulars are to clinchers as steel is to aluminum. I'll go into detail only if asked.
they feel good. go Corsa CX. nmgtx
Jan 17, 2002 9:22 AM
they feel good. go Corsa CX. nmWoof the dog
Jan 17, 2002 11:12 AM
I need a tire that won't puncture easy! Do Corsa Cx hold up well? what milage should I expect from a tire like this vs. Conti sprinters. Thanx a bunch!!!!


Woof, the dog with cricket problems......arrrrrrrrrghhhhhhh
they feel good. go Corsa CX. nmWoof the dog
Jan 17, 2002 11:12 AM
forgot to say that its a race only wheel/tire, so Tufo stuff ain't gonna cut it.


they feel good. go Corsa CX. nmgtx
Jan 17, 2002 11:16 AM
heavier riders sometimes liked to put a CG on the back (don't see the CG in catalogs anymore, though I assume they still make it). I don't weigh much and only used the tubular wheels for racing and never had any problems. I'm sure there are lots of other great ones out there (like the Contis--I love Conti clinchers so I assume the tubulars are decent, too) but the Corsa CX is a classic.
for cornering the italians have it sewn up!naff geezer
Jan 17, 2002 11:36 AM
even though vittoria's are now made in taiwan.

vittoria cx tt's or veloflex criteriums. tufo special s33's are not far behind and are a good all round alternative.

if you buy domestic and not in bulk and can live with the color excel has the cx tt's in orange/black for reasonable coin.
otherwise have more options for the color sensitive.

better prices from lots of euro sources but depends on how many you are buying. and some small numbers turn up on google groups every now and then.

to this day i am not sure if i can actually go round corners genuinely faster than clinchers but i am more aware of whats happening and this is what i feel i am paying for. they "talk" better than clinchers and so i feel more assured when laying it over.

if price is a major concern you may be better with 2 tufo's, sealant and a spare. keep them off the roller/trainer.

this is for a wheelset but you mentioned wheel (singular). i assume if only one its the front? im not sure how "fun" that would be.
Tubulars are like running barefoot,guido
Jan 17, 2002 1:41 PM
or with mocassins on. They feel wider than clinchers, absorb road shocks better, and don't deflect as much as a clincher in a corner, which means you can lean the bike over, and there'll still be plenty of tire on the road.

The Conti Sprinters I've used feel about the same as the cushy 28Cs I ride to work on, but are very much lighter and more responsive, owing also to the lighter rim. Clincher rims feel stout compared to tubular rims. The bead that "clinches" the tire stiffens up the rim and makes it harsh compared to a tubular rim, which itself is tubular shaped and therefore less rigid laterally.

Tubulars are light, comfortable, sure footed, but they aren't any smoother rolling than clinchers. The cheaper tubulars have lumps in them, diameter variations from imperfect stitching to getting them glued on the rim unevenly, which makes them not as perfectly round as clinchers and increases their rolling resistance. None of the tubulars I've ridden seemed as smooth as clinchers, noticeable at high speeds, and that'll slow ya down. So get the best, Conti Sprinters or Vittoria CXs.
Vittorias, Tufos, and Conti's, oh my!Rusty McNasty
Jan 17, 2002 2:19 PM
Of these 3, only Tufos are likely to be perfectly round. If you want durability, get the specials. If you want light weight, get the Lite 215's.
vittorias are good, but you gotta pump the d@mn things up EVERY RIDE!!!!
Conti Sprinters come in hideous colors, are quite a bit less than round, and are a waste of money. Buy these only if you wish to be a poseur.
Veloflex's are good, but cost $$$.