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A wheel querry...(5 posts)

A wheel querry...CrazyMan
Jan 16, 2002 11:02 PM
I'm now deciding on my wheelset.
I'll be getting clinchers for training, racing crits, and group riding.
I weigh about 160 lbs.
Looking for light weight, lateral rigidity, comfort, and aerodynamics (I know, the perfect wheel).

Down to the following very long list(weights, prices with shipping, and comments included):
-Campy Eurus: 1550 grams, with a 28.5 mm rim, and low spoke count. Supposedly stiff, and well made. I can get em for $560.
-Shook Designs Wheelset: 1260 grams!!!!, not aero at all, though. Heard they are smooth, stiff enough, and light as hell!! $490.
-Ksyrium SSC SL: 1550 grams, around a 25 mm rim, i think, with bladed spokes. Supposedly VERY stiff. I've heard they're an uncomfortable ride. $550.
-Zipp 303s. 40mm deep, 1380 grams. Stiff, light, smooth, and very aero...but expensive, probably out of range;( $900.
Built Wheels:
-Ambrosio Excellights, FRM FW Front, Record Rear. 1450 grams. $350.
-CXP 33s, Record Front and Rear. 1570ish? $310. (about $10 less for Open Pro CDs)

Well there's the list. If you have any to flame or praise, please let me here it. If I'm dead wrong in my thoughts, tell me so. Thanks for the help, and feel free to add suggestions!!
you my have better luck than me...naff geezer
Jan 16, 2002 11:28 PM
but i lost patience trying to find this price on zipp's posted in an earlier thread in the components section.
maybe its spam or something of the like as all i get is questionaires. but if it is for real then your question is narrowed down somewhat if not answered.

""Posted by: ciocc rider Jan-05-02, 04:35 AM

Yah, the 303z3's sound fab (did you read the bit about the hubs for those babies? Wow!), but they'll set you back about 3k! Street price may be a bit lower, but still...I just bought a brand new pair of 303's from my lbs at 1/2 pric($649), 'cuz Zipp is apparently trying to improve their image after the whole bad hub/delayed ship debacle. I'm actually buying two pairs so I have a spare. This was apparently on a very limited basis, and changed from day-to-day, according to Tom Demerle at Bikesport in Dearborn, MI, where I got my wheels. Check out their website at Great shop, lots of great gear, great CS and they know their sh*t! :) ""

and for what its worth here is a link to the thread for old arguments sake :-)

chrisbaby "Lightest Clincher wheels" 1/11/02 4:51pm
Build up a set.cyclequip
Jan 17, 2002 1:39 AM
If you're using them as stated, aero isn't a huge factor - better to have a light, quick spin-up wheel for crit racing. Forget factory wheels as too big a hassle to maintain if you're racing regularly. OP's on good hubs (Record) and off you go. You'll see enough of that exact formula in all races. And yes, with a good build, they will be a bit more comfortable than Ksyriums, but not as fast. The K's are a viable option tho - just a lot more $.
(Last weekend a fellow rider hit a brick while motor-pacing behind a car - destroyed the tyre and tube but the Ksyrium didn't even need truing - just left a couple of marks. I was amazed at the strength of the wheel)
re: A wheel querry...sticky
Jan 17, 2002 7:40 AM
I went through the exact same dilemma in November. I had a very similar short list to you. I was going to go for either the Eurus or Ksyrium SL's - I decided the Zipps were too expensive but probably the best all round wheel.

In the end, I choose the 2001 Ksyrium (80g heavier than the SL's) 'cos I got a killer price. I decided that the extra $200 n the Eurus or SL's was a better saving than a few grams.

For what its worth, I like the 2001 Ksyriums. The roll well, the hubs are excellent and they look good. With carbon forks, I don't think the stiffness is a real problem.
re: A wheel querry...zelig
Jan 18, 2002 6:47 AM
Some of the wheels you list are not what I would look for in a training wheel. For your weight and useage which is somewhat general, I would recommend the Ambrosio rims. They are great rims and for me, preferable to the Mavic opens which I would also consider. However, I don't have experience with the FRM hubs.

I can't speak for the Ksrium SSC SL's but I do own the non SL's and believe that they're a great general purpose wheel. For me they've been trouble free, not uncomfortable in ride and durable.

In clincher, I also own wheels using both the Mavic Opens as well as Ambrosio Excellence and Excellights.