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THRON vs 853(3 posts)

THRON vs 853bear
Jan 16, 2002 4:47 PM
hey guys:
How does Thron vs 853 steel in terms of ride and flexing
re: THRON vs 853DaveG
Jan 16, 2002 7:04 PM
The quality of the steel is not what makes the ride. 853 steel is stronger (yield strength) but is not any stiffer - all steels have about the same stiffness. Because 853 is stronger you can make the pipes thinner thereby yielding a lighter frame. It is possible that the Thron frame will be stiffer becuase more material is required to make up for its lesser strength. You can make a great riding bike out of Thron, it just won't be as light. It will also be less expensive
What Dave said and...Nessism
Jan 16, 2002 7:36 PM
The steel alloy in 853 is approximately 40-50% stronger than the Thorn alloy (Columbus CrMo). Because of its high strength, the 853 alloy can be drawn out quite a bit thinner than the CrMo alloy in Thorn without worry about failure. This allows Reynolds to offer 853 tubes in a wide range of thickness whereas Thorn is only available in one (Columbus also makes a MTB version). The standard Thorn tube thickness is similar to one of 853's thickest tubes.

The bottom line is that 853 can be used to make both a stiff or a soft frame depending on the tubes selected. Thorn on the other hand will always be a stiff. Good for heavy guys but not flyweights.