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Bike fit - subjective or objective(5 posts)

Bike fit - subjective or objectivedzrider
Jan 16, 2002 8:18 AM
Most of the many posts on bike fit draw responses that are very objective and number oriented. I'm wondering if a more subjective approach, describing what it feels like to be on a bike that fits might help some people. Here's my attempt.

1. The angle of my upper body when I'm on the hoods is the angle my upper body finds with the back of my hands on the small of my back.

2. I feel light on the saddle not like I'm perched or balanced on it.

3. My hands take some weight, but my arms are loose enough at the elbow to absorb some road shock.

4. My shoulders feel wide and reach toward the bars not toward my ears.

5. My legs move very freely and both knees follow a path that feels very parallel to the frame.

6. I'm able to vary the angle of my feet according to what's comfortable at the moment without bowing my legs.
But you need to do it in Hiaku [nm]PdxMark
Jan 16, 2002 8:30 AM
o.k. I'll trydzrider
Jan 16, 2002 8:46 AM
balanced and centered

pedaling comes easily

suspended, cloudlike
and another try...PdxMark
Jan 16, 2002 10:27 AM
A bike that fits well
Is comfy and nice to ride
The feel is the fit
Interesting idea...I'm inclined to agreecory
Jan 16, 2002 8:30 AM
Grant Petersen at Rivendell has written quite a bit about this, too. He says the "normal" butt-up, bars-down position evolved from pro racers, who spend hours a day on the bike, and doesn't fit the huge majority of us who are relatively casual riders, maybe a few pounds heavy and don't NEED to suffer to get the last four seconds out of a time trial. I know I've enjoyed riding a lot more since I started setting up my bikes to fit ME. And since I can ride longer in comfort, I haven't lost any speed or fitness.