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How can one differentiate...(2 posts)

How can one differentiate...Ahimsa
Jan 14, 2002 6:17 PM
...the feeling produced by a slightly bent pedal axle vs. that of a bent or twisted crankarm?

I know it should be visually apparent but it is not. The bend is ever so slight and seeing which is the culprit is difficult. I haven't had time yet today to tinker with it, but suggestions from the board wrenches would help for this evening when I do.

I suppose I could put the pedal on another bike and see if the feeling is still there...


Just thought I'd ask.


re: How can one differentiate...fuzzybunnies
Jan 14, 2002 9:04 PM
If it's the right crank usually if the crank is bent it will affect the chainrings, spin the crank while looking down at the crank, the edge of the front derailleur will tell you if the chainrings wobble. If so it's probably the crank. otherwise toss another set of pedals on and see if the feeling goes away. I've never personally been able to feel when a crank is bent but the pedal has always seemed noticable. Russ