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Much thanks!!!!!!!(3 posts)

Much thanks!!!!!!!RandyMH
Jan 14, 2002 3:23 PM
I just wanted to say thanks to all of you that took the time to read and respond to my post. I started a new tread just so it didnt get mixed up in the rest of the first one. The funny thing is that I went through every emotion mentioned in the thread. As Dutchy said I asked the wind to stop more than once, and when it didnt I just cursed it (a lot) (Viking). The reason I kept going is the reason we all keep going so that we dont feel like we have been beaten. I think everyone on this board has that mentality. If you didnt your bike would be a wall ornament in the garage or a number on E-bay. Initially thats why I went the extra miles in the first place. I had never done over 30 mile rides back to back and just wanted to see how I would feel, and how hard it would be. I never expected the wind though. I believe its not about if I can do the miles, its about how long it might take. I might have to stop at some times or go really slow I believe I could make it just about any distance. (Within reason). Every time I have pushed my self to go further I would say I know I can ride this many miles so Im going to ride that many miles out and Im going to have to get home so I guess I will have to ride it back. I also knew as many of you said that if I made it home I would be so much stronger mentally and physically. And I am. Between the cursing some times out loud, I would tell myself this is what its all about. Im looking forward to climbing some of the hills that 2 days ago I dreaded. The demented part of all of this I didnt mention was that the reason I rode to the ride instead of driving was so my wife could have the car to drive to work and I wouldnt be pushed for time to get back. Well her job is about 2 miles away, when I got about a half block from our house I decided to go and pick up the car (also dead into the wind) just because my computer only said 48+ miles and I had to see the 50. GTX if thats not addiction, nothing is. Again I just wanted to say thanks for the support and encouragement. One of the other posters asked about books about riding. Im sure if he asked the right questions he could get all the riding stories he could ever read right here.
very coolgtx
Jan 14, 2002 4:38 PM
there's lots to learn (I think that's part of what keeps it fun and interesting--I'm still learning after being fairly serious about it for 17 years now) but it just keeps getting better. Have fun and ride safe.
re: Much thanks!!!!!!!BikingViking
Jan 15, 2002 5:31 AM
Nobody gets into cycling and stays with it without having a varying degree of masochism in them! LoL

It's kinda weird, but quitting is something that just doesn't occur to me no matter how BAD things get. My first metric century (haven't done a real one YET!!)was REALLY rough the last 5 - 10 miles, but getting picked up by the Sag Wagon was not an option.

Perhaps a psychiatrist can explain what makes us "tick" this way...