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Help me with TCR sizing....(11 posts)

Help me with TCR sizing....mixinbeatz
Jan 14, 2002 2:43 PM
Anyone around 6 foot riding a tcr? I currently ride a 56 c-c top tube with a 12 cm stem. I am getting one of these on pro deal and I don't have a bike store nearby that has them in stock to size myself. One bike store employee says med and another says large. The question is Large or medium, any experience would help.
thanks in advance.
re: Help me with TCR sizing....tempete
Jan 14, 2002 2:59 PM
I am 5.11 and I ride a medium (I ride 54 to 55). See if you can get those (see Giant web site for sizes) different seat posts sizes. I could get my post higher and get any stem lenght. But you can fit a medium for sure. Still...

My riding buddy has a large. He's 6 foot 4 and uses the seatpost that came with his team frame. You are in the middle!!! A large will only fit if you get a smaller seat post. The problem is you cannot get the seatpost lower than the aero one allows so you have to get the right one. Either you get another seatpost (too bad it's a great one) or...

Go medium (easier to pass on eventually) Olano rides a medium and he's pretty tall (if it makes you feel better)

I think you'd prefer a smaller frame than one that's too tall. We're not talking a cm or two here...
re: Help me with TCR sizing....Elefantino
Jan 14, 2002 3:24 PM
I'm 6-5 and have a large OCR 1 in my stable. It fits with a MTB seatpost and a longer stem. Without them, it would probably be too small.

Sounds like you're a medium to me, but you'd have to ride one to feel it. If I were you and had to make a "blind" pick, I'd go for the smaller frame.
easy geometry comparison....C-40
Jan 14, 2002 4:04 PM
If you know the specs on your current ride or can measure them to post, it's easy to make an accurate comparison. The large giant has a 58.5cm TT with a 73 degree STA. The TT length is undoubtedly longer than your current frame, probably by 2-3cm.

The other question is whether you like the fit of your current bike, or need something improved.
re: According to Giants' SiteJrm
Jan 14, 2002 4:26 PM
The giant site spec'd the sizing of the TCR by rider inseam. It then goes on to suggest seat post and stem. So that where you can start to get a general idea.
Probably a mediumKerry Irons
Jan 14, 2002 5:19 PM
But you don't give much information. Use one of these sizing calculators to figure your "virtual" frame size and then see what you can do with the TCR. When you say "around 6 feet" you don't sound like you've worked the numbers too carefully. I'm 6' and pretty normally proportioned, and I ride a 59 cm, 73 degree seat tube angle frame with a 57.5 TT and 13 cm stem - just what the formulas suggest for a "typical" 6' male. Yet your numbers give almost 3 cm less cockpit length. Probably a TCR medium.
Hey Kerry, do you mean to have that 9 flipped over? nmScot_Gore
Jan 14, 2002 7:23 PM
re: Help me with TCR sizing....konabro
Jan 14, 2002 8:30 PM
I just bought a Giant TCR Aero this past weekend. I am 5'8" and according to Giant I am in the middle of the medium category, but when I went in to the shop I found the small fitted me much better. I say you should get a medium and perhaps a longer seatpost.

-Steven from NM
I am 5'9" and medium was perfect for mespookyload
Jan 14, 2002 9:09 PM
The frame size depends on your seat height with Giant. They have a chart on their site that shows which frame you would have to ride with which seatpost size to ride. I would guess for you a large frame with a #3. But that is totally a guess. Make sure the giant dealer swaps out the seatpost for the one you need for no charge, as it is no charge to him for the swap. A lot of shops will try to screw you on that.
re: Help me with TCR sizing....CT1
Jan 14, 2002 9:15 PM
I'm 5' 8" with a 32" inseam and my medium TCR is borderline too big.

The medium should fit you a tiny bit on the small size but it should be fine.

re: Help me with TCR sizing....GeekRoadie
Jan 15, 2002 12:37 AM
Not 6' but just for additional perspective..

I'm a 5'-7" (31" inseam) sort of a 'tweener as far as the small/mediums go. I opted for the small frame TCR even though Giant's sizing chart suggested medium. On normal frames, I usually go for the smallest frame size that feels comfortable without relying on longish stems or a laid-back seatpost.

ps. there is a guy here at the lbs who is 6'-2" and uses a size TCR medium frame and swears by it.