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Positioning on bike question(2 posts)

Positioning on bike questiondealy663
Jan 13, 2002 7:32 PM
I just got my new bike (you can see a picture of it over on the photo gallery section). I haven't been on a rode bike for over a decade so somethings aren't exactly fresh in my mind.

When riding I notice that the tops of my thighs hit my chest, especially when hammering or in the drops. Is this normal? My seat height is correct, allowing for some bend in my leg when fully extended. My stem has 4 spacers beneath it and doesn't have much rise to it.

Any suggestions? Is this a normal thing you just get used to? Do I need to get a stem with more rise to it?

re: Positioning on bike questionallervite
Jan 14, 2002 12:56 PM
You must be really limber. Check the offset of your seat (how far back the nose of the saddle is from an imaginary vertical line coming up from the back of the Bottom Bracket). 80 mm would be a lot.

Also, when you are comfortable in the drops, look down at your front axle. The top of your handlebars should be obscuring it. If you can see the axle behind the top of the bars, you could use a longer stem or larger frame if the offset of your seat is reasonable.