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ciocc vs pegoretti in sat14.5(4 posts)

ciocc vs pegoretti in sat14.5stella
Jan 13, 2002 2:35 PM
I'm having a difficult time deciding between the ciocc in this tubing tig welded and the pegoretti palosato in the same tubing. if anyone has any rider feedback on these steel frames i'd really like to hear it.
re: ciocc vs pegoretti in sat14.5morey
Jan 14, 2002 6:27 AM
I have owned to CIOCC bicycles going back to the CIOCC Mockba. CIOCC makes a beautiful, well made and very comfortable ride. I would buy one!
I've got a Pegoretti in 16.5. It's a great bike, but thosebill
Jan 14, 2002 1:36 PM
tubing walls are darn thin. I almost, sometimes, almost sort of kinda wish that I had got the Palosanto.
Don't know much about Ciocc. I'll say this, I have seen Ciocc's on the road. I never have seen another Pegoretti on the road.
As far as the Pegoretti in absolute terms:
Worst part of the experience: it took forever. Ordered the bike sometime in like March or April. Didn't get it until early August. Pegoretti upgraded the fork to a Mizuno Shark because of the delay.
Best part of the experience: it's a cool bike. It is a world-class (so everyone keeps telling me) custom bike for a fraction of the cost of production bikes like Colnago or whatever. It's stiff, surprisingly comfy, and tracks like an absolute dream. A good all around bike. The Marcelo is supposed to be a little stiffer than the Palosanto, but not too.
re: ciocc vs pegoretti in sat14.5zelig
Jan 14, 2002 2:20 PM
I've not ridden either the Ciocc or the Pegoretti in SAT14.5 but just took before Xmas took delivery of a custom Corrado made of SAT 14.5. I've had a number of steel frames over the last 25 years plus two Ti and the SAT14.5 is a very nice tube set. The Corrado fits better than my last custom steel which was a 1990 Marinoni. I chose the Deda over Foco tubing as I liked the shaping of the top and down tubes as well as the way the seat tube's butted. It's very light tubing but with an almost Ti like ride quality. Both Ciocc and Pegoretti having been building frames for years although Ciocc has been at it longer. Both have considerable experience building with steel and it comes down to the geometry and features you need. I believe that the Pegoretti's are also Tig'd versus fillet brazed. Their new website is quite attractive and informative. They also do custom builds. Just curious as why you don't go to a local builder who uses SAT 14.5? I went to Liverpool from London which is 3.5 hours, not exactly local but no worse than people going from NY to Boston for their Seven's and IF's.