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Wipperman 10 spd part deaux(3 posts)

Wipperman 10 spd part deauxgrandemamou
Jan 13, 2002 7:03 AM
Several asked for a report after I hammered on it. Did a 60 mi GR yesterday and the chain fared better than I did I was shelled off the back at mile 55 like a discarded snot rocket.

It shifted no better or no worse than my Campy chain. That is to say it was flawless. It was pounded pretty hard with surges of over 30 mi/hr and shifting under load was no problem. Time will tell about longevity. I got 5k out of my last Campy chain. I changed it just in case, no real problems.

I don't have the stainless steel model that one goes for 50 bucks. It is touted as being the toughest chain out there. My only question would be is it tougher than the free wheel cogs and will it chew them up?
then question still remains ...bianchi boy
Jan 13, 2002 8:21 AM
Where do you get a Connex/Wipperman chain for $30? Excelsports is the only place I've found them (possibly stainless variety) and they cost $50 with shipping. I can get a Campy 10 installed at my bike shop for that much.
then question still remains ...grandemamou
Jan 13, 2002 3:27 PM The guy is a friend of mine and I don't know what the retail would be but he said that the cost was roughly the same as Campy so he sold it to me at the same price.

I thought it was the non-stainless version but I could only find the stainless version on several websites also. If it is the stainless version they are marking it up quite a bit more. Maybe someone in the business could answer this one.