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help me please i have broken my hip(7 posts)

help me please i have broken my hipmark31
Jan 13, 2002 4:35 AM
recently i fell off my road bike while cornering not that fast but after 4 visits to A+E they finally believed how bad the pain was and scanned me only to find a crack to the femur were it joins the ball joint in my hip a operation followed and i had a dynamic hip screw fitted 2 weeks later after the stiches have come out i am allowed to do a little turbo work and gentle stretching but the leg is wasteing away with muscle loss and the seasons comeing fast has anybody any expierience of this operation and the recovery period involved i would be gratefull for any info on how long it will take a 31 year old bike nut to get back to normal thanks mark
re: help me please i have broken my hipkoala
Jan 13, 2002 5:41 AM
I had 4 pins in mine and found daily swimming as a supplemental excercise helped keep me loose and extend my range of motion. Hang in there and try to be patient, its a bit of a haul.
yup. swimming..colker
Jan 13, 2002 8:02 AM
it works a lot of body muscles, aerobic capacity: heart and lungs. when you come back to cycling, you copuld be even a beter overall athlete. pantani, mercxx and others had to go through bad accidents to become great.
I fractured mine last yearhipman
Jan 13, 2002 6:12 AM
Have a L shaped plate and screws into the femur. Very painful. Was in hospital for 5 days, and it wasnt that bad of a fall I just landed wrong. I was riding on a trainer 6 weeks after and on the bike 4 months after surgery (slowly) and did a century at 7 months. Sounds like yours isnt as bad as the break I had. I couldnt be moved at all and was in the middle of the road until some motorist stopped and called 911. Let pain be your guide as far as workouts go. Too much can set you back. Be consistent, lift weights for upper body also. What I lost most was power. Once I was out on the road again it only took a couple of weeks to get up to a 50 mile ride, but no speed or power. Walking is much harder than riding and I am still working on doing that better after 10 months. A good physical therapist can make a big difference. Find the best you can. Good Luck and remember --you will be back
Send me an emailcoonass
Jan 13, 2002 6:51 AM
and I'll send you some info that will help speed up the process..... (no, I don't have anything to sell) info that I can guarantee that your doc hasn't told you.
re: help me please i have broken my hipweiwentg
Jan 13, 2002 7:36 AM
doing weight training for your uninjured leg can help. when doing a unilateral exercise, your brain also activates the muscles on the other side. the rate of atrophy will be slowed.
I felt your pain4bykn
Jan 14, 2002 7:16 AM
While my break was different(mine was the pelvis), I can tell you it took me nearly a full year to regain my riding ability. I spent 73 days in traction, completely unable to move my left leg.