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What bike to get???(4 posts)

What bike to get???Jayvee
Jan 12, 2002 5:28 PM
I am a mountain biker in florida and just got asked to ride in Race Across America. Well I have to get a bike... I have brought the search to Two bikes in my price range... The Raliegh R600 and the fuji Roubaix.. I was just wanting some input on what to look for and which of the two would be better suited for the long race.....
re: What bike to get???flyinbowlofmilk
Jan 12, 2002 5:47 PM
It's depending on what you want to do with it,besides RaceAcrossAmerica. My advice is ask the LBS which one wouldf be good for a long race. Make sure to get your bike fits you. And I would say that you should get the Raleigh R600 because it has better components. But my opionion is kind of bias,because I have a Raleigh R500. Other than that I can tell you that it held up pretty good to a cycling tour like (Cycle North Carolina 2001). Good luck and keep me informed about you choice.
re: What bike to get???Woof the dog
Jan 12, 2002 7:03 PM
even though I am not familiar with the bikes you are talking about i'd get fuji because raleighs don't have a reputation for a race bike anymore for some reason, and you do want to think of your bike as a race bike don't you? Fuji, on the other hand, makes frames that you see in a race more often I'd say. Maybe it is just a perception 'cause I think frames can't be a whole lot different if they cost similarly and built in a similar way (welded al. tubes, hehe). Neither of these two companies are as famous compared to say bianchi, specialized, cannondale etc etc etc. So, anyway, look at what are the components and wheels that come on the bikes. Wheels are second important to a frame. You should look into what tires are on there as well. If you buy from LBS, you could make a deal w/ them and switch some components that you don't like.


woof the dog.
You'll get use to the bike eventually, but...tempete
Jan 13, 2002 7:42 PM
How much time will you have to adjust to the road bike?

If I had to switch bikes within two-three months, I' seriously consider putting my MTB pedals on my new road bike so I don't have to break-in new shoes... AND my old MTB saddle... Switch from a old SanMarco Titanio you're used to, to the newest Flite version... You'll see what I mean.

I'd care less for the bike than for my comfort having to switch quickly from my mountain bike to a road bike. You can consider the tire thing or the frame angles, material, shift/brake components.
Just like on a MTB; what matters is what rolls; wheels, bearings (hubs, BB) If both bikes are equal quality. Which one are you most likely to be comfortable for a long road ride (and this is loooong); slack angles, good shoes, YOUR saddle.

All bikes are equal. Some have better engines.