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Sweet lightweight SLR means new shorts every 3 months?(5 posts)

Sweet lightweight SLR means new shorts every 3 months?Woof the dog
Jan 11, 2002 9:48 PM
My Selle Italia SLR seems to be a bit more hungry for shorts than other saddles. The right and left edges of the saddle near the nose are not shiny any more as the rest of the saddle is. My shorts are seeing some roughening up around the area where they contact a saddle as I raise my thighs up and down with each pedal stroke. Lets call these places on shorts "infected places," okay? Well, these infected places seem to be holding up so far, but there are little bits and balls of the material that are on the surface of the lycra. Has anyone worn through shorts in a similar manner? Do you think my shorts will hold up over thousands of miles, and more importantly, do you think my saddle will hold up? After all, it is made of a closed-cell-foam (that is what I have heard and read) and I assume it is not going to stand up to constant rubbing compared to, lets say, regular leather. I seriously think that Selle Italia should add some kind of lower edge that forms a sort of a wall you may observe on flight saddles - this design would probably eliminate the abrasions on rider's shorts and won't weigh all that much. Anyone care to comment?

Thank you very much


Woof, the riding dog with worn shorts.

P.S. I think it is great to be a dog and ride a bike because my tail collects all the water off the rear wheel=it acts like a fender. The downside is that it gets cold even if there is piece of a thermal blanket wrapped around it under the lycra tail extension cover. Is there any remedy to keep my tail warm on such rainy rides? Thanx.
Hearsay about the SLRElefantino
Jan 12, 2002 9:05 AM
Some of our clubbies have sworn off the SLR for the same reason, sort of. It's not the saddle that eats shorts, it's the seatpost. Because of the SLR's minimalist construction, if you have the saddle a bit back on your seatpost, the edges of the post rub against your shorts. (Of course, it depends on the post).

To me it seems a great saddle if you're a weight weenie and can have your saddle, shorts and everything else replaced after each race or stage.

But hey, what do I know. I haven't ridden in six months and five days.
Jan 12, 2002 11:02 AM
Yes, I have experienced the same abnormal short wear and attribute it to the saddle design, not the seat post. I think Selle Italia should go back to the drawing board and roll the edge of the saddle a bit more so us muscle-thighed types can get a little more wear out of our shorts.

Otherwise, I find it a superior saddle for long-haul comfort.
haven't noticed itDog
Jan 12, 2002 2:25 PM
I have it on two bikes, and haven't noticed anything abnormal. But, I do rotate about 5 pair of shorts.

I still like it a lot, with comfort being the number one factor. YMMV.

I have quads about the size12x23
Jan 12, 2002 4:09 PM
of my forearms. I don't 'rub' and use Dura-Ace seatposts with half/two-thirds (too lazy to get up and look) setback. I tried this saddle out of curiosity four months ago and liked it so well I put it on my other bikes.