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two cassette questions(6 posts)

two cassette questionssimstress
Jan 10, 2002 2:53 PM
It's been a while since my last post here. My bookmarked URL didn't even work. Pathetic how life gets in the way of riding and riding-related activities!

I received a new wheelset (yay!) and want to put a 9-speed Ultegra cassette on it. I'm pretty sure that it is compatible with my current drivetrain (9-speed 105 double), but I just want to confirm. So is it?

My current wheels use a 12-23 cassette, and that gearing gets me through pretty much all of the hill country just fine. Initially, I thought I would put the same size cassette on the new wheels too, but now I'm considering a different cassette simply to try different gearing. Is that silly? I plan to use the new wheelset for fair-weather training and some crits. If you have multiple wheelsets, like for training and racing, do you use the same cassette on both? I realize some may have wheelsets dedicated for climbing or TT, but I'm just interested in discussing all-around gearing right now. TIA.
doh! will repost to Components forum (nm)simstress
Jan 10, 2002 3:00 PM
re: two cassette questionsDCP
Jan 10, 2002 3:01 PM
The current generation of 105 through DA are supposed to be completely compatible.

I don't have two wheelsets (boo!) but I did get a cassette with different gearing as a gift. Changing the cassette for the ride is easy. Changing my Flightdeck every time I change cassettes looks like its going to be a pain. Perhaps it gets easier with practice.
re: two cassette questionsweiwentg
Jan 10, 2002 6:02 PM
erm... I think the flight deck can store info for up to 4 bikes. so you could just program in the ratios for the 2nd cassette as another bike. since I have don't have 2 wheelsets, 2 bikes, or even 2 cassettes, I haven't done that, but I know it is possible.
What, and make me add mileage?DCP
Jan 10, 2002 8:33 PM
Mine is the wired model; one bike only. The wireless model will hold four. Perhaps I should ask for a second computer next Christmas.
Actually,nee Spoke Wrench
Jan 11, 2002 5:52 AM
The Flite Deck head is all that you need to change. The various wiring harnesses are all interchangable. Dumb thing is you have to call Shimano to get them to fax you the programming instructions - they come with the wire harness.