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need tire and tube suggestions(6 posts)

need tire and tube suggestionsRandyMH
Jan 10, 2002 11:36 AM
My new bike came stock with Kysurims and Continental sport 3000 tires. Over the last 5 days I have had 4 flat tires. Both the front and rear tubes that came with the wheels and tires separated at the valve stem. Not at the same time but a day apart. I figured that was just from them possibility being old. The first replacement, which was a rubber was one I had patched, blew out about 5 minutes after I pumped it up. Just yesterday one of the new tubes flatted while I was riding. From reading the board I have found that most riders go through flat spells. But Im thinking the wheels and tires that came stock my not be the best for training. I need suggestions on a good tire and tube to train with.
re: tire and tube suggestionsChen2
Jan 10, 2002 11:44 AM
You've either got some defective tubes, and I've seen lots. Or your rim strips are not protecting the tubes from the spoke holes, suggest you switch to Velox rim strips if you don't already have them. I don't have experience with the Sport 3000 but I don't think they is an issue. Of course you need to keep your pressure up close to the maximum recommended on the tire.
Ksyriums don't use rim strips...there are no spoke holesspookyload
Jan 10, 2002 5:40 PM
I use the Ksyriums for training, and have used several tires with success. First of all like Chen said, use the tires at maximum inflation pressure. Check the pressure before each ride. A tire can feel like it is full when it is really at 80-90 pounds. A partially deflated tire is flatter, and is prone to picking up crud. If a fully inflated tire is too harsh for you in ride...look for a tire with a lower max pressure. Usually 23mm tires run lower pressures than 20mm. I used the Grand Prix 3000 tires last year and got 1500 miles on the rear before replacing it. It is a really comfortable tire too. As for tubes, I would switch for whatever brand you are using. The Ksyriums need a tube with atleast a 48mm valve stem. If it is a shorter one you could be pulling on the valve stem during inflation too much and partially seperating it causing them to rip off. I ride the salsa ultralite 48mm tubes. They are about $5 and weigh around 65 grams. Another thought for tires is has Michelin Axial Pro Light tires on sale right now for $24. They are $50 tires, so it is a great deal.
re: need tire and tube suggestionsmorey
Jan 10, 2002 11:51 AM
My bike came with Kysyriums and Conti Supersonics. After 6 flats on the rear, two on the front and one accident. I switched to Michelin Axial Pros and got rid of my Conti tubes. Ergo, no flats and the Michelins ride like your on a waterbed.
re: need tire and tube suggestionsjekakestrel
Jan 10, 2002 4:40 PM
You might give the Michelin Axial Carbons a try. I've been running mine for just under 2k miles with great success. The rear is only slightly "flattened". For the price I figured if I could get 2500 miles on them I would be doing good. Looks as though I'll get at least that. I'll rotate the front to the back and buy a new one for the front, when the time comes.
Analyze the situationKerry Irons
Jan 10, 2002 6:08 PM
The first two tube failures were either old tubes, improper installation, or some gorilla tweaking the valve stems when pumping the tires. You don't tell us enough about the other failures to deduce a cause. When you say the tube "blew out about 5 minutes after I pumped it up" do you mean that it went flat, or that you actually had a blow out - where the tire came off the rim with a loud bang? If it just went flat, the odds are good that you pinched it when you mounted it. Look at the tube and see what likely caused the flat: is it scuffed or pinched, is it a small hole or is it a cut, etc. For the other flat: what caused it? Glass in the tire? Pinch flat? etc.? Look at the tube and the tire and figure out what caused it. Until you have a cause for the flats, you really can't blame the tire or the tubes or the rims.