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Shipping and Buying ???(9 posts)

Shipping and Buying ???mikebikr
Jan 10, 2002 6:54 AM
I'm looking at buying a used bike listed in the classified section of this website. Any suggestions as to how I can guarentee that he ships the bike after he recieves my check??? The seller lives across the country from me.


re: Shipping and Buying ???weiwentg
Jan 10, 2002 7:22 AM
well, I've never bought a whole bike online... but in my limited experience cyclists generally don't screw each other. one way would be for you to use an escrow service. go to ebay and search for help on 'escrow'... I think you don't have to be selling on ebay to use the service. there is, of course, a fee. whether you pay or you split with your seller is up to the two of you.
re: Shipping and Buying ???Mikebikr
Jan 10, 2002 8:37 AM
Thanks. I'll give it a shot.
re: Shipping and Buying ???Dave Hickey
Jan 10, 2002 8:41 AM
Get his phone and address. Talk to him first. I never make a large purchase without talking to them first. If I don't feel comfortable, I don't buy. Ask if they traded on Ebay. If they have, check their feedback.
re: Shipping and Buying ???maximum15
Jan 10, 2002 9:25 AM
Here is what I did.
Have him ship UPS COD.
Pay with a Cashiers Check. The cashier's check actually has a 2-day hold on it. So if you didn't get what you paid for, you can stop payment on the check. I was suprised to find this bit of information out from the bank I deal with. One warning they gave me -- don't cancel payment unless you have an excellent reason or you may be looking at some ugly court dealings. Of course, you should find out for yourself if your bank would allow this.
And as mentioned before, definetly talk to the person. You may get fooled, but at least you won't be saying "I wished I had called...".
don't ship UPS.dustin73
Jan 10, 2002 9:54 AM
i paid for a bike on the 15th and the US Distributor for Planet X shipped it on the sent back to him...he reshipped it...still have yet to receive it.

also, i ordered Egg Beaters from Supergo, 2nd Day UPS...took a week. ordered some Grado headphones from HeadRoom 2nd day, took 25hrs to get them FedEx.
re: Shipping and Buying ???John in Madison
Jan 10, 2002 10:45 AM

I've both bought and sold bikes cross-country, usually from ads here at roadbikereview. COD via UPS is only a $6 fee and is the best way to handle the transaction. Your seller can ship immediately, and you have the package in your hands before releasing the payment. My UPS driver will turn his back for a moment so I can open the box and see the contents.

Ask plenty of questions, because that's the only way to get answers. Don't assume that everything is original. Ask.

Hope this helps. Good luck.
re: Shipping and Buying ???Scot_Gore
Jan 10, 2002 10:52 AM
I bought a $1000.00 + bike, sight-unseen from a stranger off the classifieds on this site. Here's what I did:

1) Contacted the seller and requested to use to exchange the funds. Seller said fine as long as I paid the escrow fees. I also asked for a 3 day review of the bike before releasing the funds from escrow. Again, seller said no problem.

2) I set up the transaction on I choose to wire transfer the funds to ($35.00 fee + $10.00 fee from my bank) verified for the seller that my funds were secure before I got back home from the bank. It was that fast. Seller shipped the bike the next day.

3) Seller posted the shipping info on (as required). I was able to track the bike all the way across the country.

4) Bike arrived (7 day shipping). I opened the box. Seller had packed with care. Bike components and quality were exactly as described. I took it to my LBS for look over by tech (free with a pedal purchase), they said "it's OK".

5) I logged on to and released the funds prior to the 3 day review expiration. Seller got his money and knew I couldn't get it back without shipping the bike back as well.

Throughout this process was e-mailing both the seller and myself with status updates and what actions we should be taking now. I felt my money was safe the whole time. I knew if the bike wasn't what I thought it would be that this transaction would be a max $100.00 life lesson ($45.00 + ship back of the rejected item). I know many people send more $ than this on trust in their fellow cyclist, but I couldn't bring myself to risk it for >$1000.00. Also, I looked into COD, you generally can't open the box before handing over the money and for sure can't ask the guy to wait while you take to your LBS.

I thought it was $45.00 well spent.

Good luck
re: Shipping and Buying ???Mikebikr
Jan 11, 2002 5:01 AM
Thanks for all the replies. I've got some good ideas.