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Irvine,CA - Toyota-partial plate "4AM" tried to hit me(8 posts)

Irvine,CA - Toyota-partial plate "4AM" tried to hit meAlmost Road Kill
Jan 9, 2002 6:12 PM
While comming down Tustin Ranch road in Irvine a white Toyota Camary with tinted windows and partial license plate "4AM", intentionally swerved into the bike lane trying to hit me while yelling something at me. Then sped off. I will be leaving this info with the Irvine/Tustin police. Anyone who sees this Toyota Camary fitting the description please post info on this board. The Camary is about 5 years old, white, dark tinted windows, and partial plate "4AM----". I will be on the look out for that car tommorow in the same area. I hate it when people in cars pull this stuff. Most of the time it's a joke, but this time it wasn't. Thanks for any info posted.
Glad to hear you're still among the living ...cyclinseth
Jan 9, 2002 7:08 PM
I hope you're able to find the cowardly punk on a more even battle field.

I hate motorists.
Unfortunately that probably . . .morrison
Jan 10, 2002 7:31 AM
is not enough info for the cops to find the jerk, unless the plate is a re-issue following a second-hand sale of the car. If it is a plate that was acquired at the time of the original sale, the dealership would have applied for lots of plates at or around the same time, and it is likely that there are several white Camrys driving around with 4AM . . . , b/c of the sequential plate numbering.

Did you get a look at the driver? Younger? Older? If he's younger, I would check out the parking lot at the local H.S., or even a community college. I have found, through the years, that people who pull that kind of $h!t for no reason at all usually are teenagers trying to show off for their friends. Good luck finding the creep!
Jan 10, 2002 9:52 AM
I was recently reminded on a trip down to Baja over Xmass what pure joy it is to drive in the LA/Orange county area where the car is king.

Sorry to hear about your expereince - even if you were able to locate the bastard it would be your word against his and even if the authorities were to believe you all he'd get is a warning - at the most.

I try to always ride with a helmet mounted mirror so that I can monitor what's approaching - I've been intentionally blown off the road by cars, pick ups, motorcycles and even a logging and a cement truck. Frankly it sucks not being able to use the roads as intended, but until people drivng the cars attitudes change we're always going to be in a reacitve mode. "Dude, sorry I ran you over and you're now paralyzed - I can see the error of my ways." isn't going to help much. Give the mirror concept a try if you want to be proactive.
Jan 10, 2002 11:04 AM
Be forwarned that helmet mirror will throw off drivers and other cyclists when you scan the road. They will assume your are going to turn in the same direction as your head does, which is exactly opposite of the way you move your head to see with a mirror (to see to the left, you turn your head right). If you decide to go with the mirror, remember to use the hand signals, otherwise they will think you are turning right and you are going left.

Lastly, don't forget that getting hit from behind is the LEAST likely way to get hit on a bike. But because it is SOOO terrorifing (sp?) we over react to the threat. Fact is though, the guy you trust on your wheel is much more likely to cause you to crash, statisically.
Jan 10, 2002 2:46 PM
Your head moves only a small amount and it doesn't take long to realize that someone isn't turning. The required head movement is tiny unless you're some kind of Fred. So are you advocating that when not wearing a mirror you don't need to signal your intentions or that head signals are now an accepted way to indicate to cars that you're going to turn? We used head signals when flying tight formation in the Navy, but that's the only place I've seen it used. The motion was exagerated and repeated and was leaning the head to one side, not rotating it.

There are many cases of cyclists getting hit from behind and some get killed. You're overlooking the original context of the question - the guy had someone come from behind and pass extremely close. Nothing you've advised does anything to help this situation. Seems like you're advocating that it's not a problem, nor should anyone do anything to avoid the mentioned situation. The guy wasn't turning, wasn't riding in a group - or did you forget that part? I wouldn't say it's the least likely way to get hit since I know about as many people that have been hit from behind - but that's not enough data. Where did you get your "statisical data" that you refered to (or did you make it up?). Of every person I've had on my wheel I have yet to have anyone cause me to crash even though they've gone down - call me lucky.

Most roadies dismiss any kind of mirror as some sort of Fred-badge, yet they've never used one. Try driving your car some day with out a rear view mirror and see if driving is any different for you. It's pretty common to see mirrors on long distance riders.
i'm using a mirror nowDog
Jan 10, 2002 4:11 PM
I ride with a mirror every ride, now. It's one of those tiny ones that attaches to the leg of your glasses, made by Take A Look. They have 2 kinds, a small one and a large one. I like the small one fine.

Incidentally, with mine, I need to turn slightly in the directly of the mirror to see around my head better.

While mirrors have a bit of a Freddish image, I find they work great. "Better Fred than dead!" Also, I've ridden with them on fast racer-type group rides. To me, they make even more sense there. You can see competitors or team mates behind you, which gives you an advantage (no surprises). Also, if you have ever ridden off from a buddy who you intended to stay with, you'll realize the value.

another linkDog
Jan 10, 2002 4:13 PM