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Clothing fit (advice for a newbie)(7 posts)

Clothing fit (advice for a newbie)fretking
Jan 7, 2002 4:05 PM
I'm new to cycling and need advice on fitting a long-sleeve jersey. I'm in good shape and normally wear a large shirt. I tried a large size jersey but the forearms seemed a bit snug, as did the fit across the shoulders. It wasn't tight but there was very little room. I was wondering if this is the proper fit. I tried an XL which fit more like regular clothing except that the waist size was BIG for me. Thanks!
Depends on the brandMcAndrus
Jan 7, 2002 4:28 PM
There is a huge variation in size of cycling clothes - particularly with the European stuff. Most American made goods are cut a little larger for our (ahem) more mature American frames.

In an American cut, like Voler, I wear a large even though I am 5'11" and 160lbs and wear size 15 dress and sport shirts. In European brands, like Santini, I wear an XXL. I guess the Euro guys are teeny, tiny.

What it really means is that you have to learn the brands to see what fits you and which sizes in that brand. It's a pain but that's the way it is.

You're probably best to look at the XLs first and if it's a Euro you'll might have to go with some "big-tent" size.
Tight fitKerry Irons
Jan 7, 2002 5:04 PM
In addition to the fact that every brand is sized differently, you need to consider what you want by way of a fit. Many do like a snug fit - no flapping in the wind. If your movements aren't restricted, if the sleeves are long enough, if the jersey covers your waist as needed, etc. then maybe a snug fit isn't all bad. You might need to consider "street appeal" too, but that's going to have to be your call!
unless you're a heifferDiggler
Jan 8, 2002 10:17 AM
then get big and baggy
re: Clothing fit (advice for a newbie)tarwheel
Jan 8, 2002 10:10 AM
In my experience, Voler ( and Performance ( jerseys fit closest to American sizes. That is, if you normally wear an XL t-shirt, then an XL jersey from Perform or Voler should fit fine. European jerseys run much smaller, depending on the brand. The problem (for me) is that if I get the correct chest size, then the jersey is too long for many European brands. However, Giordana and Louis Garneau jerseys fit me fine if I buy one size larger than usual.
a different perspective...Js Haiku Shop
Jan 8, 2002 10:38 AM
I ride lots in cold, wet and adverse conditions, but don't own a single long-sleeved jersey. i do have several pairs of arm warmers, vests and windshells, as well as a couple different kinds of rain capes. just something to consider.

my jacket size is 46L, shirt 17x36, t-shirt XL-XXL. only problem is if i buy xxl "club cut" (voler, performance, etc.), the shoulders and chest fit well, but the arms are long and from the waist to chest it's baggy. i have a castelli xxl jersey, on the other hand, that seems to fit about like a 42-44, or a large t-shirt. i do prefer smaller fitting jersies, provided they don't cut off my circulation (!), since they're less to flap in the wind, wick more efficiently, and you can cram more stuff in the pockets without the jersey sagging and pulling at your neck.

if i order any more performance jerseys (probably never), they'll be size Large.
re: Clothing fit (advice for a newbie)Lone Gunman
Jan 8, 2002 10:54 AM
You should contact Hank They sell higher quality euro team clothes at decent prices however before you buy anything from them, Hank has you submit your measurements to him and he gets the sizing correct for Santini and Nalini clothing. He has a no return policy, exchange only. Voler is good about correct size as well and they are US based good quality stuff. Each brand varies by size a bit, Nalini I think is slightly smaller than Santini. Hank goes by weight and chest (accurate) and waist measurements.