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Lance Armstrong Commerical(3 posts)

Lance Armstrong CommericalDWridesGT
Jan 7, 2002 9:17 AM
I am in Northern Italy and was watching some T.V. and stubbled across this Tour de France show and they spotlighted Lance Armstrong. The show, of course, was in Italian and I could not understand what was being said but they showed a black-and-white commerical that had Lance riding up a steep mountain climb, (complete w/Postal gear and Trek bike) and out of nowhere a huge 18-wheeler semi-truck comes up behind him. It got right up on his rear wheel and laid on the horn, Lance then sprints, the truck cathes up again, Lance jumps again. The commerical ended with the truck never being able to pass Lance all the way up the climb. It was pretty cool, has anyone seen this in the States? Are they showing it there in the U.S.??
That was no commercial...mr_spin
Jan 7, 2002 10:02 AM
That was real!

No, not really. But I can imagine Lance outclimbing an 18-wheeler on a steep mountain climb if the road had some twisty turns. No problem.

Interesting it was an Italian commercial. He became beloved in Italy after his Tour stage win at Limoges two days after Fabio Casertelli died (he repeated the same victory salute this year when he won at Pla d'Adet). But I don't think Lance has raced in Italy in years, except maybe as pack fodder in Milan-San Remo. What was the product they were selling?

Oh wait. I guess Sestriere is in Italy, and that was the site of Lance's great stage win in the 1999 Tour. Still that wasn't an Italian race.
re: Lance Armstrong CommericalRayBan
Jan 8, 2002 8:55 AM
I haven't seen that one but I did see a great one where Lance is riding with a group on the road and they turn onto some single track. Riders are flipping, and doing faceplants and crashing every direction. Lance drops into a steep dropoff and proceeds to ride back out onto the road and continue. That is COOL!