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Wheels(11 posts)

Jan 6, 2002 12:27 PM
What wheels would you recommend? I'm loking for light wheels fo all around racing that can do long distance riding, TT, and criteriums. If price where no object, which ones? also, if under $400, which ones?
re: WheelsMe Dot Org
Jan 6, 2002 12:46 PM
Check out They built me a set of Mavic Open Pros for a very reasonable price (chorus hubs). The wheels have remained true (even through a nasty run-in with a car) and absolutely bulletproof.

If you're going to race and train on the same rims, I think Open Pros are a good choice.
re: Wheelsmackgoo
Jan 6, 2002 12:46 PM
Zipp 303's or 404's, under 400 a used set of Zipp440's or 340's.
re: WheelsWoof the dog
Jan 6, 2002 1:36 PM
velocity aerohead, durace, revo spokes, al. nipples, brass on driveside rear w/ thicker spokes of your choice. 2x front back, or radial front 2x back. will run you about 380 if you shop for hubs on the net ( and that price includes 60 bucks for the build. Add extra 20 bucks for black spoke color, and you got a cool looking wheelset at ~1550 grams = lighter than any mavic shmavic.

good luck.

Mixed bagKerry Irons
Jan 6, 2002 4:10 PM
As soon as you say "price no object" then you immediately get into special wheels for special events. TT wheels would be aero, but sensitive to crosswinds and so no good for those long days out on the prairie. Crit wheels would use the lightest possible rims, but really be event wheels. And so on. But since you put the $400 cap on things, how about Campy Record/Velocity Aerohead for $304 from Colorado Cyclist? About as light as you're going to get a clincher rim (that's where the weight counts in a criterium) without going quite exotic. Or save $27 and go Chorus.
Mixed bagBoris
Jan 6, 2002 4:29 PM
Thanks for all the replies. Just one question though: do the aerohead rims offer up an aero advantage, for keeping up speed on TT's? thanks...
rather minimal aero effects..... IMHOCT1
Jan 6, 2002 4:43 PM
The aeroheads are quite nice rims... (I've built a bunch of them) but they're only 20mm deep.

FWIW, I've read that you don't get much aero "improvement" until you get to rim depths greater than 30mm and really greater than 40mm is where the "felt effect" kicks in.

re: WheelsVelocipedio
Jan 6, 2002 6:12 PM
I'd have a pair of Mavic Open Pros built up on 32-spoke hubs [Chorus or Ultegra]. That'd give me an excellent relatively-lightweight wheelset strong enough to survive the season intact [and then some], that I can field-true, if necessary, when I'm on a country road, 85 km from home.

The price is right, the performance is right, the weight is right. They're not sexy, but they work.
re: Wheelsweiwentg
Jan 6, 2002 8:35 PM
I've heard good things said about the Campy Protons ...
re: Wheelssticky
Jan 7, 2002 6:25 AM
Try the new Campy Eurus or the new Zipp 303 clincher. Eurus = Lightish (1550g), and also 30mm profile rim so fairly aero. Good all round choice.
New 303 Clincher = Aero & V.light but far more expensive and question mark about bonding process of carbon rim to alloy rim.

FYI - I went for 2001 Ksyriums recently as an all round wheel due to sale price ($400). I like them, others hate them.

If going with Mavic open pro rims make sure you have Dura Ace hubs, much lighter than Ultegra. Open pro's on Dura Ace are lightish and easy to maintain - good for road races and crits. Not much use for TT's but it is hard to get a true all round wheel.
I like...Leisure
Jan 8, 2002 5:38 AM
I like Campy, Hugi, and Phil Wood for hubs, but I don't know off-hand if the latter two are Campy-10 compatible. Hugi is way light and what I would get cost no object, while Phil Wood is heavier but beyond bomb-proof. Campy is light and reliable without costing a ton. I like DT-revos and have only tried Open Pros; I also like two-cross, three (esp. on the rear) if you're heavier or abusive. If price were truly no object (begin fantasizing editorial) I'd try to figure out a way to put Spinergy vectran spokes on the above mentioned hubs and rim. Probably can't be done at home, but damn it would make for a crazy-light wheel.