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AWESOME John Lieswyn in my country!!!!(2 posts)

AWESOME John Lieswyn in my country!!!!Vortex
Jan 6, 2002 5:22 AM
Hello to everybody!, first my apologies for my bad english, I´m from Brasil and at this Sunday it happened one of the most importante races here, the America´s Cycling Cup, with the presence of professional biker races from Argentina, Uruguai, Brasil and United States, the field was between 250 riders, the major presence been of course from Brasil, and our major hopes were on Luciano Pagliarini(Lampre), Marcio May and Murilo Fischer.

The race happened in a circuit that is used for Formula 1 races, the Interlagos, in Sao Paulo, it was an AMAZING race, showed in the major tv channel of Brasil in all our country, and John Lieswyn just KICKED ASS!!!!!!, He raced alone against all the brazilian, uruguaian and argentinan riders, He puted an fantastic perfomance, making part of the main breakways since the beggining ofv the race, and of course working as a man possessed in the victirios break, to make in the final climb of the race a magnificent final break to win alone over 250 other riders this race!!!, Ivan Domingues, a cuban guy naturalizad american took 5 place!

John Lieswyn showed to me, at my country, at my country reality, what bike racing is all about, a perfomance that I´ll never forget!!!! Thanks John Lieswyn!!!!!!!!!!!!

*and sorry for my poor english too:-)!
it's my country too!colker
Jan 6, 2002 10:18 AM
terrible race site should have been on the streets of são paulo.