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To buy it, or not to buy it...(2 posts)

To buy it, or not to buy it...Matt Bass
Jan 5, 2002 7:58 PM
Hey anyone that can help me!!!!

I am in the market for a new road bike, and i found a deal that i want someone to help me with and tell me if i shoudl do it or not. Ok..... At a bike shop in town i found a GT ZR 5000. The guy in the shop said that he would give me the bike for 500 plus tax. Its a 2000 model. Its red, and its my size (i think). Is this a good deal? Any oppinions???? Thanks
re: To buy it, or not to buy it...fuzzybunnies
Jan 5, 2002 10:34 PM
This isn't a spectacularly great deal. Find out what year it is. The 2000 year model I belive was blue so this might be a 1999. We currently have the 5.0 for about 450.00 and that's a year newer. GT bikes also come with only a one year warrenty frame included which could really suck if the shop isn't willing to back up the older warrenty of lifetime on the frame. Fuji has a similarly equiped steel frame and raleigh an aluminum that are both 500.00 for the 2002 model. Fuji is about 22 1/2lbs the raleigh is 24 1/2. According to the shop scale this puts the fuji at the same weight as a trek 1000 with close to the same equipment. So there are definately better deals out there. Hope this helps. Russ