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2002 bontrager x lite carbon 1300g/rolf vector carbon 1103g(3 posts)

2002 bontrager x lite carbon 1300g/rolf vector carbon 1103gwettap
Jan 4, 2002 9:54 PM
anyone have experience with these wheels? Saw them at interbike and considering one of these wheelsets.
Jan 5, 2002 12:44 PM
My Klein QR came equipped with Rolf Vector Comps. After 15K the rear rim fractured, which is pretty good life considering the roads I ride. I had a difficult time trying to locate a replacement rim, and the wheelset was only 3 years old. I had to settle on a blue rim, which doesn't color coordinate very well with the red front rim. My other option was to purchase an entirely new wheelset, which didn't make sense as I plan on buying a new bike this summer. My next wheelset will be something that has been around for awhile, like Mavic Open Pro's and American Classic hubs. The trouble is these "botique" wheels change so often, they are outdated quickly and the parts are difficult to replace.
On the other hand if Rolf quit screwing around and experimenting and if I knew the parts would be available a couple of years down the road, I'd purchase another set of Rolf wheels.
A couple of things to consider...No experience with Bontrager..
Is old Rolf back in business?AllUp
Jan 5, 2002 7:17 PM
Has Rolf begun putting out any wheels again since his split with the Trek monster? The only thing I've seen of him is this webpage, which makes it sound like he's still in prototype stages with everything.

Just my tu-pence, I'd stay away from both those wheelsets, because brand new products you never know about, and caution is especially in order with carbon products, and expecially with wheels!

By the way, a pair of Bontrager X-Lites came with my bike and, despite my lukewarm expectations for them, I like them and would recommend them. Still, I'm staying away from their carbons and plan to get a pair of Zipp 404's soon since they've been proven very well.

I prefer to let other people ride new products into a pot hole and shatter the rim and have their jaw ripped off before I decide on buying a new item.