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Saddles with cutouts. Who uses them? Results?(14 posts)

Saddles with cutouts. Who uses them? Results?Shy Guy
Jan 4, 2002 9:13 PM

As a follow-up to my previous post on urethral strictures, does anyone use one of the cutout saddles on the market?

Price isn't an option (no saddle is too expensive for comfort), but I will need a racing saddle (read: lightweight, sleek, and without a lot of bulky padding). Any results with the SI Flite Trans Am or the Terry Dragonfly or others?

Thank you for your responses, whether positive or negative. It looks like I will be needing one (I never thought I'd need one), so any pluses or minuses are helpful.
re: Saddles with cutouts. Who uses them? Results?jkh
Jan 4, 2002 10:10 PM
I have tried the TI Gel Flite, SLR Carbon, TM Max and TM Flite. The cutout really makes a big difference for me.

The Gel was nowhere in comfort, the SLR was ok for short ride; for any ride longer than 50M, I would not sit on anything but the TM.

I just recently replaced the Max with the Flite version on the road bike, and put the Max on my mtb.

Both versions are good and really comfortable.
re: Saddles with cutouts. Who uses them? Results?sprockets2
Jan 5, 2002 1:16 AM
I have 3 saddles with a c/o, the SI Trans Am and Mythos (I think that is what it is), and a Specialized Body Geometry. I think that the discomfort I have previously experienced in the area-in-question is lessened, but it is not completely eliminated by the c/o.

Were I having problems in the area, however, it might have solved it. The difference was noticable. In other words, while I have had no particular constriction problems, I have had saddle problems and these c/o saddles seem to be the right place to start.

There are other issues too, some of which may directly affect your situation: is it wide enough? is it too friggin' hard, is the horn to hard? too short? too wide? is the overall shape right? And other things like is it too far back, or forward, tilted up too high, not enough?

Some of these things could aggravate a condition, though they at first might seem unrelated. I used narrow seats previously, and it was painful, and cut circulation, until I got a wider saddle that supported the bones. I was just recently having lots of discomfort in the area-in-question until I adjusted the newest seat a bit: it had to come forward, and the horn had to be tilted up a touch. Counter intuitive to me, but it rolled my pelvis back and took me off of the area.

I love the SI saddles, very high quality and all that, but I am surprised how much I liked the Specialized seat, which I got really cheap on their site. Good Luck.
re: Saddles with cutouts. Who uses them? Results?Dave Hickey
Jan 5, 2002 6:21 AM
I also like the Specialized saddles as long as they are the 2001-2002 models. The older saddles with the grooves along the entire saddle gave me saddlesores. The older saddles felt like my butt was sitting on two sharp edges. The new saddles( body geometry pro or team) are just right for my behind. I've had no luck with the gel saddles from Selle Italia. The gel actually sticks up higher than the rest of the saddle and isn't that much softer than the rest of the saddle. I find the standard Flite w/o gel to be very comfortable.
re: Saddles with cutouts. Who uses them? Results?Woof the dog
Jan 5, 2002 1:49 PM
shy guy see my response in racing section. I think thats where i posted it. My saddle is teh team one, thats the one I was talking about.


re: Saddles with cutouts. Who uses them? Results?zelig
Jan 5, 2002 10:19 AM
I rode Turbomatics I-III over a 10 year period and then due to a saddle sore in the middle, switched to a XO Trans AM, their cheapest model so I could keep up my daily riding. The thing works great, even after the saddle sore healed. I have about 5,000 miles on the XO and just bought a ProLink Trans Am to replace it. I will probably also look at the Flite Trans Am for my second bike. If you can find an XO Trans Am give it a trial as they're fairly cheap and the width is what I would describe as average.
Max Flite Trans AmRich Clark
Jan 5, 2002 10:23 AM
I installed on on my main bike last year, and have one on my second bike as well. 6000 miles later, all saddle-related problems have disappeared for good. I'm sold.

I imagine the Flite Trans Am would be just as good for a narrower person than myself. I believe the Terry is manufactured by SI also, but I think its not identical to either of the SI TA models.

Obviously, YMMV.

Koobi TriMikeC
Jan 5, 2002 1:10 PM
Consider the Koobi Tri ( It's very expensive, but I appreciate mine more and more as time goes by.
It's slim, light, subtly padded, and a split design.
I've probably ridden 20 saddles over the years, and the Tri is the best I've found so far.
re: Saddles with cutouts. Who uses them? Results?DCP
Jan 5, 2002 2:06 PM
I have a SI Flite Trans Am. I don't notice the cutout at all, which is a compliment to SI. I don't know if the cutout helps because I didn't have any problems with conventional saddles.
SI TA works good for me....... NMCT1
Jan 5, 2002 5:06 PM
Thank you so much, all. Many good suggestions.Shy Guy
Jan 5, 2002 6:56 PM
I'll compare as many of the suggested saddles as I can before settling on one.

Thanks also for the kind words and wishes.
re: Saddles with cutouts. Who uses them? Results?Velocipedio
Jan 6, 2002 9:22 AM
I ride a SI Flite Trans Am and love it. I used to ride on a Specialized ProLong Evo and I did get both numbnuts and -- when my mileage was way up -- a certain physiological listlessness down there. The SI did solve the problem. I find it the most comfortable saddle I've ever owned. YMMV, of course, but I will keep riding this saddle [I also have one for my MTB] as long as it is made.
SI Century TA. better than the flite if you have a narrow butt.aet
Jan 7, 2002 6:51 AM
have one of the original terry liberatorsColnagoFE
Jan 7, 2002 10:11 AM
Don't really like it. Too short. Cutout chafes you. Hard to get comfortable on it. Maybe the Fly models are better, but I'm sticking with my Flite.