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Mini vs Normal Frame(3 posts)

Mini vs Normal FrameKhockey19
Jan 4, 2002 6:35 PM
hi everyone i am 16 and want to buy a bike this spring... i have it narrowed down to a Trek 2300 but now i have noticed the Giant brand of bikes and they have a totally different type of frame geometry than everyone else. i was wondering what the difference is in feal/responce between a normal sized frame and that.
Thanks alot and i hope to hear from some of you so i can make a final decision on what bike i will buy

Kevin Peace
Click and ReadScot_Gore
Jan 4, 2002 8:36 PM
I'd recommend wandering the web and drawing your own conclusions.

What your calling "mini" is generally referred to as "compact geometry". When you see people discussing sloping top tubes they are talking about compact geometry frames. Search this discussion board for things like "compact vs", "seat tube height", "standover". This kind of thing comes up quite often and you should be able to derive the pros and cons of compact over traditional geom. from the many knowledgable posters here.

Also - reading material:

Very minor (if any) differencesKerry Irons
Jan 5, 2002 5:25 PM
A compact frame tends to be a bit stiffer (smaller frame) but then has more seat tube exposed so is more flexy. The actual design of the frame - geometry, tube shape, tube size, tube wall thickness - will have much more impact than whether you have a compact design. Not the basis on which to make a purchase decision.