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Merckx Team SC, Owners Opinions Wanted !(3 posts)

Merckx Team SC, Owners Opinions Wanted !Crash
Jan 4, 2002 4:14 PM
I have been lusting after the Team SC for almost a year now. For anyone that has one, how has your experience been ? Thanks !
re: Merckx Team SC, Owners Opinions Wanted !Tig
Jan 5, 2002 5:57 PM
I know 2 people who bought them but one hasn't built his up yet. The other hasn't been on a ride lately, so I haven't heard his opinion. Before you go plunk down $1800+ for one, you may want to check into durability. Scandium frames are reported to have a 2 year life expectancy, and good luck finding a mfg who will put a warranty on one. Merckx makes strong frames, but they are working with scandium alloy here so all bets are off IMO. Remember, pro teams don't pay for their frames and don't expect them to last more than a whole season. WE DO!
re: Merckx Team SC, Owners Opinions Wanted !yummy
Jan 10, 2002 7:50 AM
I just bought a Team SC the other day. Prior to this, I've been riding a Litespeed for a long while. I'd tell you that if you love the it. If you sit and wonder how long all these new frames will last, you'll never buy anything. I guarantee that you'll probably get bored of the bike before it reaches it's fatigue life. If you want to buy one bike that'll last forever, buy a Ti frame. If you want to buy a bike that inspires you...BUY THE SC! Trust me, you'll wake up early just to look at it.