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re: traditional frame to compact(9 posts)

re: traditional frame to compactbattaglin
Jan 4, 2002 4:33 AM
I purchased six months ago a TCR frame and have enjoyed riding it. problem is my other bike, feels larger than the tcr though they have nearly identical dimensions. The 2ndbike is a wilier trestina with same component group size 54cm columbus brain tubes tig welded. I'm planning on having cut to a compact design by a local framebuilder. I'd like to know if the tubes would be weakened, or if i'll be sacrificing anything with the cut tubes. I'm planning on having the same geometry as the TCR. any opinion would be much appreciated.
re: re: traditional frame to compactJohn-d
Jan 4, 2002 5:55 AM
Cannot see the point. I think you will spoil a perfectly good bike, how can you change the slope of the top tube without changing the main angles. Anyway the whole idea of the compact design is to lower manufacturing costs, it does nothing for the ride, all things being equal.

Why not sell the Wilier frame and buy a second hand TCR frame, might cost less than ruining your second best bike.

That's my opinion, hope it helps a bit, it will be interesting to see what the others think.

My second bike is a gas tube Dawes, terrible ride so I only ride it if it is raining or I am going to the shops.

So, I think I might take my own advice. Do you know anyone with a second hand frame for sale!!!
seems like an awful lot of troublegrandemamou
Jan 4, 2002 6:35 AM
I experienced the same thing when I got my new Bianchi last year my other "normal" bike felt huge and sluggish. I know most people will tell you sloping tubes are only cosmetic but for me there was a difference in handling. After a while I found that I liked the change of pace when switching back and forth between bikes.

If you must have another sloping frame you may want to hunt around you may be able to find a used or 01 model fairly cheaply. My concern is the same as the other poster that you may compromise the overall geometry of the frame and end up spending alot of money for a frame you still don't like.
second frametcrzero
Jan 4, 2002 7:06 AM
I have an extra 2001 TCR zero frame . Medium hanging on the wall with about 600 miles I am thinking of selling. Frame, fork, headset, new stem....
Let's be logicalKerry Irons
Jan 4, 2002 4:23 PM
If the rider position on the bike is the same (seat setback from BB, reach to handlebars, seat height, drop from seat to bars) and the bike has the same wheel base,chainstay length, front center distance, and trail, then how can a sloping top tube possibly make a significant difference in the ride? The frame could be a tiny bit stiffer due to the smaller main "triangle" which would possibly be compensated for by having more seat tube exposed. Otherwise, what could make a difference? OTOH, if the geometry, frame tube shape/diameter/butting/weight, and/or rider position are different, then you can't possibly suggest that the sloping top tube is the cause of the different ride. Think about it!
The center of gravity will be lower....Bruno S
Jan 4, 2002 6:21 PM
That could be the difference in the ride. I used to have a normal frame (Specialized) that broke and got replaced with a compact geometry frame. Did I feel any difference? Very hard to tell. The compact frame came with a carbon fork and that improved the ride very much. Even if the ride is the same, the compact geometry is better because: its cheaper to make and its lighter.
Jan 4, 2002 7:28 AM
What size TCR did you buy?????

I'm assuming the TCR is a medium.... right! If so, then it VERRRRRRRRY likely has a longer top tube than your 54cm Wiler. Also, the TCR has a "forward" cockpit which accentuates the big long "feel" of it.

I know this because I've got a medium TCR and a 52cm LOOK (which measures 54cm CT) conventional frame. I had to move the cockpit WAY back on the TCR to make it fit like my LOOK frame. I.e. BIG saddle setback AND shortish 10cm stem. Once I did this the two bikes 'fit' identically.

*** drop a plumb line to the BB and carefully measure the distance to the bars and the saddle. This will tell you which way to go with the TCR.... my guess is that it will be 'back'. You should be able to make the TCR fit similar to your other frame.

Now, IF you want to make the other frame fit like the TCR then you can do the same process I just described.... but in reverse.

let us know

How much does frame surgery cost?dzrider
Jan 4, 2002 8:05 AM
If it's more than a few hundred dollars, sell the Wilier with or without parts depending on whether you're happy with them, and save enough money to have the builder do it right from scratch. Good frame builders can do wonderful things, let him do what he does best.
re: thanks a lot guys..battaglin
Jan 5, 2002 12:32 AM
now I have to decide to keep the wilier for rainy days or sell it. happy riding to you all!