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Hey JuniorRacerFL.... or any other '02 Trek 2200 owners....(6 posts)

Hey JuniorRacerFL.... or any other '02 Trek 2200 owners....Allen az
Jan 3, 2002 9:32 PM
How much does this thing weigh? (with the SLR saddle). I'm thinking of saving a couple thousand dollars and getting this bike instead of the LOOK KG381i. I'm 17 & want to start racing next season, and figured this bike would be good enough.

re: Hey JuniorRacerFL.... or any other '02 Trek 2200 owners....JuniorRacerFL
Jan 4, 2002 5:33 AM
Yo Allen, The changes i made to my 2200 where i got Look pedals, Easton Carbon Seatpost, and a SLR Saddle. With all that its actually alot lighter than you would think. I dont know the exact numbers but i recently road my friends Trek 5200 which is the same size as mine on some hills and i could barely tell a difference in the weight. I also have a Trek 1000 and when i moved up too the 2200 holy crap its a huge difference if you never ridden anything else.

Trek's Alpha SL aluminumTig
Jan 4, 2002 9:22 AM
The 2200 still has the old Alpha SL frame, which I personally think is a bunch of crap. I'm counting the days when I can replace it after 2 years of riding it. Compared to other aluminum frames, it fails to achieve what you'd expect like a rigid bottom bracket or relative light weight, yet it has all the harshness. Sure, it's better than the 1000's frame, but it is nothing close to a Look KG 381i by a long shot. If you think you still have some growing left to do, then by all means don't spend too much money on a frame that will be too small next year.

If you want a decent Trek frame and still save money try the '02 2300 with Gary Klein's new ZR 9000 alloy. Test ride both and decide for yourself.
Jan 4, 2002 9:38 AM
I rode the '02 2300 and i cant feel a difference. It was a 400 dollar difference between both bikes and there were some little parts on the 2300 that i didnt like so i bought the 2200 and used the extra money to by the additional parts. But test ride all the Trek bikes if you havent Allen then you'll know for sure.

re: Hey JuniorRacerFL.... or any other '02 Trek 2200 owners....cyclaholic
Jan 4, 2002 9:29 PM
Trek is very good at what they do. They offer a wide range of quality racing bicycles at a very competitive cost. If you have the right set of legs, you can be competitive on a Trek 2200.

I have a few Treks hanging up in the basement, including a Trek 2200 with a full Shimano 105 gruppo.The frame is a winner. It is a very light and stiff frame, but it makes a fine century bike. It will not beat you up.

The aluminum Trek frames (2300, 2200, and 2000 models) have been advertised for some years now as being less than 3 lbs. I've always been skeptical of that. But there is no question that they are light: my Trek 2200 weighs in around 20lbs., with relatively heavy pedals. I have a Trek 2000 with a Ultegra/DuraAce mix that weighs around 19lbs. Both bikes have the generic Rolf Vector wheels.

For comparison purposes, my Trek 5200 with light road pedals weighs in around 18lbs.
«Thäñk§ äll» (ñm)™Allen az
Jan 5, 2002 12:11 PM