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Advice-Looking for a Training Program to Get Started(4 posts)

Advice-Looking for a Training Program to Get Startedbrains
Jan 3, 2002 6:20 PM
I am a long time MTB'r and just purchased my first Road Bike (Cannondale CAAD6). Now Im looking to get started logging miles. I am looking for a solid training program to get me started. My goal is to increase my performance on the MTB for the race season. I would aslo like to try a road race or two. Im not really sure what type of weekly milage I should aspire to. Starting out, my fitness level is Medium. I have been spinning consistantly for the last three months 3 times per week combined with weekend MTB rides and the occassional swim or run. Prior to that I was on the MT bike approximatley 3 times per week logging b/w 15 and 20 miles per ride.

Thanks in advance for any advice on where to begin. If there is a web site dedicated to Training programs I would appretiate the address. Thanks. B. Driscoll. CT USA
re: Advice-Looking for a Training Program to Get StartedJohn-d
Jan 4, 2002 5:38 AM
Have a look at Joe Beer's site. It is on

Good luck with the training

Joe Friel, Training Bible books and TrainingBible.comjs5280
Jan 4, 2002 1:11 PM
Since you're a MTB, Roadie, and potential Tri, Joe Friel might be a good bet. He has specific books for each sport and is generally well regarded. In addition there is a website,, that is based on his methodologies, provides workout via email, and sets up a lot of the training log forms for you. I'm currently using the Triathlon program which is supposed to get a big facelift here soon. It helps to have one of his books though to understand the underlying concept. Great reading if your just starting to look at structured training programs.

There's also Chris Carmichael's TrainRight.Com if you like his methods. I'm not as familar w/ his methodologies but it seems to work for Lance.
re: Advice-Looking for a Training Program to Get StartedThorman
Jan 5, 2002 6:50 AM
I am also using Friel's program. I was a mountain biker for a number of years before getting into road cycling. I still do both, but my primary focus is now on the road.

I would suggest buying Friel's book. He has books for road and mountain bike training. I use the website to follow the program, which makes it much easier to plan.