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Feeling sick, would you ride?(17 posts)

Feeling sick, would you ride?UncleMoe
Jan 3, 2002 3:10 PM
Ahh. This always happens to me. I've gotten fat (about 10 pounds gained since Holloween), and every January I clean up my act for a few months. I eat less, drink less, party less, and ride more.

Three days into it and my throat is killing me and getting worse by the hour. It'll predictibly move to my nose and turn into a head-cold for the weekend. (Occasionally this doesn't happen and it just goes away, but that is rare with me).

One of my improving my lifestyle habits was to commute to work every Tuesday and Friday. I live in San Diego and it is seasonably warm.

Would you ride? (20 miles each way).

I'll probably get sicker anyway, and at least I can have some fun in the process. But it could backfire, and I could get sicker than I would have if I didn't ride).
re: Feeling sick, would you ride?dsc
Jan 3, 2002 3:19 PM
Hey Moe,

I had a headcold (still do, somewhat) and minor sore throat throughout the entire holiday week. I actually felt BETTER while I was out riding!

I say as long as the cold doesn't move into your chest, you're good to go. Take alot of Kleenex, though. If you're cold's like mine, your nose will start running like a sieve after the first few miles :O)

Jan 3, 2002 3:21 PM
Not heard of the "farmer blow?" :-)

I agree. Ride but take it easy. I'd not if you start coughing a lot. I nearly gave myself pneumonia one time that way -- training right through a lung infection.

Jan 3, 2002 3:26 PM
Well, when you're riding WITH somebody, and you're in front...hehe!!
re: pneumoniagtx
Jan 3, 2002 3:30 PM
I actually did give myself walking pneumonia once trying to ride through a cold. Doctor thought I was a total idiot.
Jan 3, 2002 8:37 PM
Did the same... If it goes to your chest AT ALL then lay off. If it's just the sniffles ride easy... and dump your body full of Vit C and Zinc...

Ride on...
I got sicker tooKristin_CLS
Jan 4, 2002 10:05 AM
I didn't get pneumonia, but I lost two days of work after trying to ride through some flu symptoms. Besides, it wasn't that much fun anyway, throat was raw and it burned badly anytime I exited a tempo pace. I won't do this again. When I don't feel good, all I want to do is sleep.
Oh, and I know you know this butKristin_CLS
Jan 4, 2002 10:17 AM
come back slowly. I learned the hardest lesson in September. I rode when I was feeling sick and got sicker. Then I laid off for a few days. I rode again the next week, but still didn't feel well. I took three more days off. On Saturday (after 2 short rides in 2 weeks), I decided to do a scheduled charity metric. Big mistake. I believe I may not have gotten ITBS had I not done that. I'm still paying for it today.
Not only would but willmickey-mac
Jan 3, 2002 3:20 PM
It sounds like you're feeling about the same as me. I'm getting out tomorrow, whether it makes me worse or better. Even if I end up feeling worse after the ride, I at least have fun for a couple of hours before the downhill slide. Charge on.
re: Feeling sick, would you ride?husker
Jan 3, 2002 3:23 PM
Yes! Ride and you'll feel better. At least mentally
How about skipping the commute for a dayStraightblock
Jan 3, 2002 3:43 PM
and doing an easy lunch hour spin instead? You can lower the intensity and shorten the distance, and if you get worse you won't be stuck with a miserable ride home at the end of the day.

If you're 3 days into it and still getting worse, you might be asking for trouble and miss more than a day or two of commuting before it's over.

This suggestion, BTW, comes from someone who hasn't commuted on a bike in years (but promises himself to start again this year)& doesn't do lunch rides.
I pick this one - sort of...UncleMoe
Jan 3, 2002 10:29 PM
My throat got worse by the end of the day and I can barely speak. It isn't so much the ride in the morning that worries me. It is getting to work, feeling even worse as the days goes on, and then having no choice but to ride home.

Call me a _ussy. I would, but I'd mean it in a nice way.

I haven't heard farmers blow before. I call them snot rockets.
shut up and ridemr_spin
Jan 3, 2002 5:20 PM
Hey, you could die in your sleep tonight. If you have the strength to ride and want to ride, then ride. I wouldn't go out and hammer some intervals, but 40 miles should be no big deal.
General rule for riding sickspookyload
Jan 3, 2002 11:04 PM
If you have a temp, no way. If it is in your chest, no way. If it is only in your head(head cold) go ahead. That was a quote from Eddy B in a book I read.
General rule for riding sickJohn-d
Jan 4, 2002 5:41 AM
Total agreement, if it is above the neck ride, if it is below the neck don't.
What about the throat?UncleMoe
Jan 4, 2002 8:57 AM
Most of my health issues start with a sore throat. I never start off with a cough from the chest, or a runny nose. It is always the throat.

From there it takes three turns:
- Goes to a head cold
- Goes to lung congestion
- Goes away

Is the throat considered above the neck or below?

(PS - I decided not to ride today because of the colder air. I have some weekend plans I didn't want to screw up)
There you go...John-d
Jan 4, 2002 9:36 AM
If it goes to the head - ride

If it goes downwards - don't

Throat plus head is above the neck

Throat plus lungs is below QED