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Two-cross vs. three-cross lacing???(4 posts)

Two-cross vs. three-cross lacing???LacticBurn
Jan 3, 2002 11:09 AM
How does 2x affect a front wheel's ride / stiffness / strength vs. 3x lacing?
(Especially with DT Revolution spokes...)

Jan 3, 2002 12:39 PM
both work great and both should be plenty durable if built right. No difference in ride quality.
another referenceSamcat
Jan 3, 2002 1:14 PM
This is an excerpt from sheldon Brown's wheelbuilding article:

Conventional "semi-tangent" spoke patterns are indicated as "cross 3", "cross 4", etc. For example, cross 3 means that each spoke crosses 3 other spokes that run from the same flange of the hub. Most wheels are built cross 3. Higher cross numbers cause the spokes to leave the hub flange more nearly at a tangent. This makes them better able to withstand the twisting forces of hard pedaling in low gears, and also braking forces in the case of hub brakes. Lower cross numbers make the spokes more nearly perpendicular to the hub flange.
In the case of the "radial" (cross 0) pattern the spokes go straight out from the hub without crossing at all. Lower cross patterns use shorter spokes, so they are slightly lighter, and they can also be slightly stronger side-to-side. The more spokes a wheel has, the higher the cross number for a similar spoke angle. 48 spoke wheels are usually built cross 5, 40 spokes, cross 4; 36 spokes, cross 3 or 4; 32 spokes, cross 3; 28 or 24 spokes, cross 2...

Jan 3, 2002 2:07 PM
I just built a couple of front wheels with a 2x pattern. My initial rides would indicate that they are pretty similar to my three cross wheels which also use Revo spokes. The 2x are MAYBE a tiny bit smoother but the difference is pretty small if any.

IMHO, the Revo's make a fairly significant difference in ride quality as compared with "conventional" 14X15 or straigh 14 gauge spokes. I think you will notice the difference if you use them.

Oh, I set the spoke tension to a bit over 80 Kg (force) which is a little on the light side if you are a heavywieght rider or a big sprinter type. For a light guy like me I think that tension level is probably OK. I might crank em up to 90-100# in the future .... ????

The 2X wheels look very nice. Not as "cluttered" as 3X but still "conventional" looking. I like the looks better than my radial wheel and they certainly feel better.